Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Spoilers! His New Form Is Really Haunting The Fans!! 

With the beginning of early screenings of the new Dragon Ball Super movie in Japan, fans are already talking about the film — and several vital spoilers have slipped out on Twitter. 

There’s been some debate, but these rumors suggest significant spoilers for the anime’s central character Gohan. So, Sassyshows is here with some amazing Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan spoilers. Here is all we know. 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Spoilers Reveal The Saiyan’s Potential!! 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Spoilers
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Over the past few weeks, we have seen Gohan have powers reminiscent of a Super Saiyan, yet he does not have the aura around his body. Thus, fans have been wondering what his true identity is.

To add to the confusion, the adult Gohan showing up in the Tournament of Power has not been confirmed to be the same Gohan that was with Goten and Trunks. Gohan has been a confusing character for years, and many fans have speculated about his true identity.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Presents The First Look Of The Saiyan!! 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Spoilers
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Gohan awakens a new shape during the last struggle of the new film, known as “Final Gohan,” and his hair turns pure white while his eyes become a deep red color, according to them. 

Gohan’s standard Super Saiyan form’s transformation into this new shape during the battle. @DBSChronicles made a mock-up of how this mystery new form looks based on another image of Gohan from the film, although they did not provide an official picture. 

According to their study, Gohan attains the new form after being enraged by the film’s final villain.

Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Potential Unleashed, and finally Final Gohan are the four confirmed forms that Gohan can use now. 

The fact that the form is called Final Gohan implies that, at least for the time being, he has reached his full potential.

Piccolo’s New Look Is Deadly!! 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Spoilers

Piccolo seems to have gotten a powerup from Shenron during the film, and Gohan isn’t the only one with a new form. 

As his skin turns orange, his frame grows, and he develops a glowing, orange aura on his back. The new form is dubbed “Orange Piccolo” by the Namekian himself. 

Piccolo’s second form is the Super Namekian iteration, his other version. 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Spoilers Reveals A Scary Combat!! 

Super Hero sees Gohan and Piccolo working together once again to combat Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, a new pair of formidable android fighters developed by the Red Ribbon Army, sometime after the events of both Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the manga’s Moro arc.

The film will also feature the duo’s take on the third adversary in its conclusion, with unconfirmed sources claiming that it is none other than a new version of Cell, the genetically engineered warrior that a young Gohan initially overcame in Dragon Ball Z.


So, there you have it! Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan spoilers are out on Twitter!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is not available in international theaters yet, but fans are still eagerly anticipating it. 

New details and plot spoilers have kept fans excited and entertained — with a new Dragon Ball on the horizon, and fans can’t wait for more information about this anime.

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