Dragon Ball Super Preview Teases The Shocking Strategy Of Gas Against Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Form

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter is gearing for a launch soon. With the Dragon Ball Super preview of chapter 85 coming out, the fans are showering their theories on the consequences of the Gas vs Vegeta battle. However, as per the latest leaks, Gas will be using a secret technique to overpower Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super chapter 85. Curious to know what the Dragon Ball Super preview offers? Here is all we know. 

Granolah Arc Will Come To A Bombastic Climax!! 

Dragon Ball Super Preview
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Right from the start of Dragon Ball Super manga’s Granolah arc, the story has experienced a bunch of ups and downs. It has been an absolute ride for the readers to see our heroes struggling against the villains. With Goku’s Ultra Instinct form coming into existence, it seemed like no one would be able to defeat him. However, the mighty Cerelian, Granolah knocked him out. 

But now, with the story advancing to the ups, the Saiyans have a deadlier threat to deal with. Gas has entered the battle arena and with Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form, the Prince is ready to overpower him. 

Though we have seen the immense potential of Vegeta’s new form, it seems Gas has been dominating against him. But how? Is the antagonist so powerful, or is he simply tricking the Saiyans? Dragon Ball Super preview of chapter 85 reveals a secret move Gas has been using against Vegeta. Here is everything we know. 

The previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga showcased how the two mighty Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta unleashed their most powerful transformations against Gas. However, it turned out to be worse when Gas overpowered the combined powers of the Saiyans. But, things don’t end up here as Vegeta has much more to offer from his Ultra Ego form. So, will he defeat Gas in Dragon Ball Super chapter 85?

Dragon Ball Super Preview Teases Gas’ Secret Move

Dragon Ball Super Preview
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The rough drafts of Dragon Ball Super chapter 85 picks up the story from where the last chapter left us. Vegeta is ready to defeat Gas with his newly acquired form. With more damage and more pain, he now has better chances to overpower Gas. 

However, fighting him for a long span, Gas has quickly detected his weakness. Pain and damage make Vegeta more powerful. However, this is one of the greatest loopholes in his new form. So, Gas is ready to exploit Vegeta’s weakness in the new chapter. 

Dragon Ball Super Preview
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But things don’t end up here as the strongest Saiyan of Earth, Goku is still alive and after Vegeta’s setback, he is ready to take over Gas. 

So, what are your thoughts about the Dragon Ball Super preview? Will the Saiyans be able to defeat Gas? Tell us in the comment section. 

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