Dragon Ball Super New Episodes Coming In 2023 With One More Surprise!! 

So, all Dragon Ball fans, get ready to stick to the streaming platforms again as Dragon Ball Super new episodes are on the way. A trusted Dragon Ball insider has claimed that the episodes after the ‘Universe Survival Arc’ are in production. So, when will the anime return? Here is all we know. 

Dragon Ball Super New Episodes Are On The Way!!

Dragon Ball Super New Episodes
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Finally fans, we have something to count on. After the bombastic entry of Dragon Ball Super’s latest venture, Super Hero, the Studio is on a rampage. After a lot of hustle, finally, Shenron has granted the wish of the Dragon Ball fans, and Dragon Ball Super has been resurrected. 

In the latest post, DBSChronicles has revealed that Dragon Ball Super new episodes are in production and the Z-fighters are ready to make a bombastic return to the screens. 

The insider further revealed that the Dragon Ball Super new episodes will follow the consequences of the Universe Survival Arc. So, guys, are you expecting Universe Zero? Well, we are… 

Dragon Ball Super New Episodes
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Though there are high chances that the new anime episodes will walk on the path set by the official manga, witnessing the consequence of Android 17’s wish at the end of ‘Universe Survival Arc’, will be a complete treat. 

So, fans, ready for one more shock? Here it is!! 

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Is In The Works 

Dragon Ball Super New Episodes
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Well, yes, the Dragon Ball franchise is definitely not slowing down here. While the fans were assuming that after Super Hero, they will have to wait for a long time to get another adventurous movie, Toei Animation has put a full stop to all rumors. As per the latest leaks, a new Dragon Ball Super movie is in the works. 

Though nothing has been officially confirmed, DBSChronicles is one of the most trusted sources, which had provided the most accurate leaks on Dragon Ball, in the past. 

So, fans, are you excited for Dragon Ball Super new episodes… 

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