Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022 Trailer Hints at Cell’s Return? Here are some spoilers

Dragon Ball Super movie 2022 trailer hints at the return of Cell to the battleground. Here is everything we know so far.

The newest Dragon Ball Super movie 2022 trailer has reignited speculation that Cell could be making a comeback. The insectoid villain was last seen in the anime series Dragon Ball Z, and his potential return in the upcoming movie has fans excited. 

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022
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Cell’s return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero appears to be foreshadowed with a mysterious new video featuring the villain and the Red Ribbon Army. He is seen at an undisclosed location surrounded by soldiers who, according to the official translation, chant, “Enemy Cell has come.” Whether this is a hint that he will return or actual footage from his next appearance remains to be seen.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022 Marks The Return Of Cell

Mobile games also often include Cell as a playable character, and speculation around his possible return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero appears to be escalating. Thanks to Toriyama’s mysterious post on Instagram, many fans have speculated that he will be used in the main anime. 

And now, courtesy of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s newest trailer, the chances of the vermillion villain rearing his head has increased yet again.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022
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What is the mission: Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022?

At the start of the trailer, a group of soldiers is seen barrelling into a room. One of them holds up a device featuring Cell’s insignia: his third form as seen in Dragon Ball Z and manga. 

“There is only one enemy we must defeat. And this man is that enemy.” The advert then cuts to a silhouette of an unknown character with blue hair standing in front of some screen. It then shows off his first form and his special attacks. The trailer then cuts to an aerial view of the Red Ribbon army, and the voice says, “let’s go.”

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022
Credit – Cbr.com

The voice is then taken over by Vegeta, whose words were largely unintelligible because he was shouting them in English. “What is the mission?” “Destroy Cell. That’s it.”

This has left Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fans extremely excited as they see this film directly tie into the game that Toriyama had mentioned in his post. However, it could be a red herring or simply a strong hint at what exactly Gohan will face next.

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