Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc Is Coming This October!! Who Will Be The New Threat?

Though the Dragon Ball Super anime closed several months back, the official manga managed to keep the fans hooked up. With the most amazing and challenging characters, the manga pushed the Z-warriors through a journey of ups and downs. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc
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After the Tournament of Power, the Dragon Ball Super manga new arc presented Moro’s ruthless activities followed by Granolah’s entry into the scene. While things were hot as hell, Gas blew the minds of the fans. We witnessed the rapid transition of the most powerful Z-fighters, Goku and Vegeta. 

The Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta unlocked his God of Destruction form, Ultra Ego, while Goku showcased some new levels of Ultra Instinct. Though Gas turned out to be one of the most powerful villains in the Dragon Ball Universe, our heroes managed to overpower him and finally defeated him in the latest chapter. 

But after the creators announced that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 will wrap up the Granolah arc, the fans are curious to know what’s next. Well, now that the heroes have settled their disputes with the Cerealian and the mightiest villain is defeated, what’s coming next? A greater threat? Here is everything we know about the new Dragon Ball Super manga new arc!! 

Dragon Ball Super Manga Will Be At A Break 

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc
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It’s been a rally of entertainment as the creators have been continuously dropping the super, amazing chapters of the manga. The Granolah arc showed a bunch of ups and downs displaying different shades of the characters. 

But with the end of the arc, it’s time for the official manga to be at a halt for some time. As per the official confirmation from trusted sources, the creators have decided to keep the release of the Dragon Ball Super manga new arc at a halt till October. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc Is Coming This October!! 

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc

With chapter 87, Dragon Ball Super’s Granolah arc will finally wrap up. After a long series of explosive chapters, things have marked its conclusion for the Cerealian and his mates. So, what’s next? Will the Z-warriors get a new threat to deal with? Definitely yes. That’s how the series goes on!! 

So, which new threat do you think will debut in the Dragon Ball Super manga new arc? Tell us in the comment section!! Follow us to get all updates and news on Dragon Ball regularly and quickly!! Happy reading!! 

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