Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu: Real Reason Why Buu Was Dropped From Tournament Of Power 

When it comes to one of the most deadly supervillains in anime, Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu comes at the top of the list. Though after Dragon Ball Z, the franchise gradually suppressed the incredible powers of Buu under his hilarious girth, he still has a lot of potentials. 

So, why Goku did not pick Majin Buu for the Tournament of Power? Here is everything we know. 

Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu
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Dragon Ball Super has been insane. It has been a roller coaster where we even witness Son Goku reaching out to Frieza for help. But why Frieza? Why Goku did not knock on the doors of Majin Buu to take part in the Tournament Of Power? 

Why did Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu Fail To Enter The Tournament Of Power?

Well, the reason why Buu failed to enter the Tournament of Power may seem to be a bit hilarious. Buu actually failed in a written test which was a crucial parameter to enter the Tournament of Power. 

Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu
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Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu is one of the most deadly fighters in Universe 7. Though the plot gradually overshadowed Buu’s potential with his comical nature, still he is far more powerful than characters like Krillin or Android 17. 

So, while scouting for the best fighter in Universe 7, Goku initially noted Majin Buu’s name. However, Buu ultimately failed to pass a written test to enter T.O.P. Moreover, Buu’s lazy nature also forced Goku to recruit the evil Frieza into his team. 

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What If Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu Joined The Tournament Of Power?

Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu

In case, Majin Buu or Fat Buu entered the Tournament of Power, he could have defeated some weak opponents. However, when it comes to the giants like Kefla or Jiren, Buu’s lack of intelligence would have surely pulled him out of the ring. 

So, Frieza with his evil manipulating and planning abilities proved to be a good replacement for Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu. 

What do you think would have happened if Majin Buu was selected in place of Frieza in the Tournament of Power? Tell us in the comment box. 

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu: Real Reason Why Buu Was Dropped From Tournament Of Power ”

  1. I think he could’ve held his own for majority of the T. O. P. especially if he say turned piccolo and Gohan into candy and swallowed them. With piccolo and gohans joint intelligence, fighting prowess, and overall power added to buus he would become an equal to vegeta and goku SSJB. Maybe not quite UI but definitely someone to take some blows to allow goku and vegeta to recover.

    • After boo trained, I think he was already on equal footing with goku. Also, buu would’ve been a huge asset because her has unlimited stamina and he is a living senzu bean. He heals. Goku and vegeta would’ve definitely gotten at least 2 zenkai boosts during the tournament. Those massive upgrades… Even without UI, they may have been able to fight jiren to stall for time to win by default. But then the outcome of 17s wish would’ve changed everything…

  2. Buu could had been a game changer after he trained up. Starters like the androids his near unlimited stamina with instant regeneration would cause a huge problem for the mass majority. Many could be simply eliminated by turning them into chocolate and the mid level ones could get absorbed adding to buus power. He could also expand and push out lesser foes as well. Honestly buu would be broken in a tournament sitting. Depending if he used absorption and how many he absorbed it would take the upper level opponents to beat him.

  3. Well, the story of Majin Buu is that while traveling throughout the universe, He ran into The Kai Planet. Long story short, He has absorbed a Supreme Kai, therefore making Him ineligible for The Tournament. Plus all Maji Bui had to do to win is turn all of the opponents into cookies & throw them all off the ring.


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