Top 3 Times Dragon Ball Super Goku Was Terribly Weak 

Dragon Ball Super Goku showed us what dedication and hard work can do to someone. Goku unlocked the transformation of Angels to claim the throne of the strongest Saiyan. 

However, there were a bunch of times Goku failed to impress the fans and overpower the villains. Whether it’s his first combat with Beerus or struggle against Frieza, there were moments where he turned out fragile. 

So, if you are a Dragon Ball Super Goku fan, this article is for you. These are the top 3 moments where Goku was terribly weak. 

Top 3 Moments When Dragon Ball Super Goku Was Embarrassingly Weak 

 1) His initial scrimmage against King Piccolo 

Dragon Ball Super Goku
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 After Goku defeats Tambourine, King Piccolo arrives to endure who was competent to kill one of his menials. 

When he finds Goku, they instantaneously enwrap in a brawl, and Goku seems to be conquering at first, anchoring blow after blow on the immorality existing. 

But after King Piccolo stands up again, he overpowers Dragon Ball Goku, outdistancing him and languishing him for a long time. The former is only toying with the Saiyan during this fight, parading him that no affair what, he’ll now be competent to overbear him. 

Piccolo decides to finalize him with an unattached ki whack when he gets wearied. 

 2) His first time meeting Beerus 

Dragon Ball Super Goku

When Beerus wakes up from his fifteen-generation nap at the start of Dragon Ball Super Goku, he asks Whis to help him find a Super Saiyan God, a being he noticed in a predictive delusion. This quest brings him to North Kai’s globe, where Goku is routine. 

Upon picking up Beerus’ potency, Goku gets overactive and asks the God of Destruction for a scrimmage, to which Beerus accepts. 

Dragon Ball Super Goku can not anchor an unmarried blow against his foe, which is not true when he powers up to Super Saiyan 3. 

Beerus decides to terminate the conflict with a single shift, landing a gentle smash on Goku’s neck, forsaking the Saiyan insensible for a long time. 

Indeed when the ultimate could give him a fight after that, their first fight will always be one of Dragon Ball’s alert and most one-sided fellows. 

 3) Sprit Bomb and Kaioken vs Frieza 

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During Goku’s fray against Frieza, he was equal to what no other existing in nature could do until that moment hit the Emperor. 

Goku tries many different ways and attacks to overpower Frieza, but nothing seems to work. 

So, he uses the Kaioken to multiply his power standing and master his opponent with a direct supernova. And he’s successful in hitting Frieza. 

But not yea, the Kaioken could get around him, as Frieza post-haste gets up and starts out matching Dragon Ball Goku insensible. The only thing that could kill him now is a Spirit Bomb, and Goku starts demanding it up while Piccolo distracts their foe. 

After crashing Frieza straightway with it, our gods start to unwind and hee-haw about their fortunateness in defeating him until Frieza comes back and shoots a ki blast at Piccolo, exploding Krillin not soon after. 

Nothing sounded like working against Frieza, and this will always remain one of Dragon Ball’s more heartbreaking losses. 

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