Top 5 Super Strong Dragon Ball Super Characters In Manga

Who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters? Here is the complete list. 

Dragon Ball Super is one of the most iconic anime and manga series. Even nearly forty years after its release, it continues to inspire fans to action. 

Unlike other series featured on streaming services — powered by dedicated fan communities on social media — Dragon Ball is often viewed exclusively by those who’ve never seen it before. They become instant fans after discovering it on a streaming platform. 

Dragon Ball Super has showered a bunch of super-powerful characters, which has made the fans wonder about who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters in the manga!! So, Sassyshows is here with the complete list of the strongest characters. 

5 Super Strong Dragon Ball Super Characters In Manga!! 

Goku has reached the pinnacle of Ultra Instinct

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Goku has reached a new power level among Dragon Ball Super characters. His training with Whis has paid off, as he’s mastered Ultra Instinct, a power neither Goku nor any mortal has ever achieved.

This iconic hero has reached the pinnacle of Ultra Instinct, and all his powers are at his disposal. 

Vegeta becomes the Goku-slayer we all knew he could be!!

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Vegeta’s Ultra Ego power has potential! Though his proper form may be more powerful, revealing it could have unforeseen consequences. 

After all, the creation of Ultra Ego was to dominate those around him. While the Vegito Super Saiyan Blue form is impressive, other possible outcomes could be destructive.

Jiren is a man to be feared!! 

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With his immense power, he has taken down opponents who have defeated every top-tier fighter in their universe. 

In fact, without Jiren’s overwhelming strength, Universe 11 wouldn’t have been able to make it to the Tournament of Power. 

But while his physical powers may be unmatched, Jiren’s intellect is also impressive — how else could he determine the weaknesses of his opponents with just a single glance ?

Beerus is an all-powerful God of Destruction

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Beerus serves as a mediator between the living and the dead & is the 2nd most potent dragon ball super character. He is the God of Destruction in Universe 7 and lives with his attendant Whis. 

From his home in West City, he can destroy entire planets at will. The only restriction on this ability is that he must wait at least three days between each usage.

Whis is an angel with incomparable strength and abilities

Dragon Ball Super Characters
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Whis’s power stems from his ability to control all energy forms, including ki (the life force) and magical forces such as Shenron. 

This power makes him one of the most potent dragon ball super characters ever created and gives him almost unmatched versatility in combat.

Apart from his powers as an Angel, Whis also possesses extraordinary martial arts skills, making him capable of taking on even the most potent fighters without difficulty.


The Dragon Ball franchise has grown into an enormous multimedia empire. Audiences can watch the original anime series, read the manga series inspired by these works, and enjoy video games based on these works. 

Who is the most potent Dragon ball Super Character? Share your views in the comment box. 

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