Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Release Date: What Will Be Frieza’s Next Move?

Dragon Ball Super Sneak Peek 

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 release date
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Well, Dragon Ball Super was released in 2015 with several surprises. It was the series that was released after a long break from DBZ. Everyone was excited about it. The series takes off with Lord Beerus, “The God of Destruction,” who wakes up from his sleep after decades of a nap. 

Beerus and his companion and friend, “The Angel” Whis, went on a hunt to discover a prophecy. The prophecy was about the Super Saiyan God. He finds Saiyans on planet earth and threatens to destroy them if they don’t tell him about it. 

With the help of his fellow Saiyans, Goku transformed himself into the Super Saiyan God and fought with Beerus. Seeing the will of Goku to defend his planet, Beerus offers him and Vegeta to train on his World.

Possibilities of what can happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89

Fans are asking what will happen further in the series. Will Goku and Vegeta surpass the God of Destruction? Or they will themselves reach the power level of a God. Many types of rumors are being discussed over the internet. 

Some are claiming that the Black Frieza will come into the picture and will steal the show. Multiple types of possibilities can happen. Yet they are all the rumors that might happen. What is going to happen will only be revealed when the chapter is released. Until then, patience is the only key.  

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89

Will we get to see any new forms?

Well as we all are aware that in the latest movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we got to see the Piccolo and Gohan’s new forms known as “Orange Piccolo” and “Beast Gohan”. 

There is a possibility that we will get to see the same in the manga. So, fans, do you want to see Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo in the manga? 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 release date and where to read it? 

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 release date v
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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 release date will be on October 20, 2022. 

This new chapter of Dragon Ball can be read anywhere on the internet free of cost, and official sources have also declared it legal. 

The last three chapters of Dragon Ball Super are always free to read, and one should only visit a particular set of sites for reading. For now, only this. 

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