Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Leaks Reveal Gas’ Insane Power-Up!!

All Dragon Ball Super fans assemble as Sassyshows has gathered some latest Dragon Ball Super chapter 85 leaks and spoilers. As per the hot leaks, the antagonist will get a major power boost in the upcoming chapter. Read more to know how our favorite heroes will overcome the insane strength of Gas in Dragon Ball Super chapter 85. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85
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It has been a treat to watch the Saiyans deliver toe-to-toe competition to Gas. They have already pushed their limits to a huge extent by fighting the most powerful opponents like Gas and Granolah. While they proved that they are insane, the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Super’s latest arc is nothing less in terms of powers. 

Gas has showcased that he is several times stronger than the Cerealian, Granolah. While the existing version of Gas was seen dominating against Vegeta in their last fight, the villain will get one more power boost. Here is all we know about Dragon Ball Super chapter 85. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Leaks: Gas Will Unleash New Powers!!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85
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As per the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter 85 leaks, the long fight between Gas and Vegeta will meet its climax as the villain will knock down the Prince of Saiyans. Though Vegeta was getting stronger with every damage he was absorbing, the pain was destroying him from within. This led to his downfall and ultimately, the Prince of Saiyan collapsed. 

While Vegeta was expecting his collision, he asked Goku to use Ultra Instinct in a new way. Responding to the request, Goku stepped into a new way of using his super-powerful form. He entered a new state that seemed similar to Ultra Instinct but without a calm mind. 

While his state reminded Gas of Bardock and he got a bit scared, Goku eventually overpowered the villain. He knocked him down and turned out to be the winner. Here we see, Elec getting much disappointed with Gas’ performance. He yells out asking the villain why he desires all of his power if he is not willing to display all he has. His life is a waste if he is not the strongest. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85
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These words from Elec hit Gas and pushed him to unleash all his powers. He unlocked a new state that is referred to as the most powerful and latest form of Gas. 

Gas’ new transformation brings a lot of changes. It surrounds with a new aura, his horns get larger than before, his face appears old and he is more deadly now. It seems Elec’s words affected Gas more than anyone else and the Saiyan got to see something really unexpected!!

So, fans, are you excited to see Gas’ new form in Dragon Ball Super chapter 85? Tell us in the comment box. 

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