Dragon Ball New Journey Disney Plus Series Debunked!! Here’s Why? 

The world of Japanese anime is huge and diverse, full of various series with devoted fans. 

Some people may find it difficult to pinpoint the exact moment their passion for anime began, but many will look back fondly on the era of Dragon Ball’s discovery and be certain that’s where the passion began. Started. 

The first 194 chapters of Akira Toriyama’s manga of the same name were adapted for the anime series that Toei Animation made.

A franchise was established and prospered during its 153-episode run, and the show attained a legendary stature that some claim is practically unrivaled in the genre. 

Therefore, it should be no surprise that the notion of Mickey Mouse’s house providing his opinion on the anime has gained some support. 

That’s not official, so let’s discuss a disproved Dragon Ball New Journey Disney Plus series instead. When is it coming? 

Dragon Ball New Journey Disney Plus series explained

Dragon Ball New Journey Disney Plus
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A handful of tweets feature an image of a character with the logo “Disney+: Dragon Ball New Journey” in the lower left corner, which many believe to be a new iteration of the enduring Dragon Ball character Goku. 

When written, a tweet from Kudou with the subject line “We don’t want that ugly ass Goku” garnered 108,000 likes and almost 7,000 retweets.

Disney has not disclosed such plans, and there is no proof that the studio is working on a show or film based on the Dragon Ball New Journey. 

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 3D character artist Van Rose shared fan art on Twitter. This fanart was later released online.

Goku from Dragonball Fanart

Dragon Ball New Journey Disney Plus
Credit – smallscreen.com

With a link to view the artwork on Art Station, they commented, “Small piece of Dragon Ball fanart I worked on.”

The character’s appearance and design, which resembles something from a Disney project, are described on Art Station as follows: The Dragon mentioned above, the Ball New Journey logo, was added by someone else to the original fan image to give the impression that it is from a Disney project.

Does Disney hold the Dragon Ball franchise’s rights?

Dragon Ball New Journey Disney Plus
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According to Fiction Horizon, following the 2019 Disney-Fox merger, Disney acquired the rights to a minor chunk of the Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball property.

However, they would only have received authorization to produce and disseminate live-action films, not animated ones. 

So, are you excited to see Dragon Ball new journey Disney Plus series? Tell us in the comment box. 

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