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Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 5 Out! Read All Dragon Ball Super Kakumei Chapters!!

Are you a Dragon Ball fan? If yes, it’s obvious that you are curious to know what happens after the Tournament of Power. Though Dragon Ball Super marked its climax, you must be craving to know the post scenarios.

There may be a lot of questions floating around your mind, like: have Goku mastered Ultra Instinct? Will we see a rematch between Goku and Beerus? Will the Angels ever show up their true potential? 

Unfortunately, neither the official manga nor the anime is likely to cover up these questions. But, don’t worry as there is a fan-made manga titled Dragon Ball Kakumei.

This manga explores deeper into the plot to discover the answers to all these questions. Seems interesting right? Make sure to read the complete article to know in-depth about all chapters of the Dragon Ball Kakumei manga. 

Read Dragon ball kakumei all chapters

Dragon Ball franchise is slowly and steadily climbing to the apex of popularity in the anime world. With the most interesting characters and thrilling plots, both the anime and manga have impressed the fans by offering them a dose of entertainment.

As of now, with the climax of Dragon Ball anime, the fans are craving more. However, the manga is continuing to explore new arcs and characters.

But, if you have heard about the DragonBall Kakumei and you are wondering what it is or is it officially from the house of Akira Toriyama or not, we have the answers.

Make sure to check out the complete article to know everything about Dragon Ball Super Kakumei and explore its chapter to get to an edge of entertainment.

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Dragon Ball Super Kakumei 

Though there is a lot of hype surrounding Dragon Ball Kakumei manga, it’s not from the house of Akira Toriyama, neither it is published under Viz Media or Shueisha. So, it’s not an official manga. Instead, it’s titled a doujinshi, a non-canon story created by a bunch of true Dragon Ball fans. 

The DragonBall Kakumei story picks up the plot after the Tournament of Power and it reveals the consequences of Android 17’s wish to restore all universes after Zeno wiped them out.

Dragon Ball Super Kakumei 
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In addition to all the six universes wiped out by Zeno, Android 17’s wish restored Universe 19, the universe which comprises some deadly warriors who can even take down Angels and Zeno. 

Though Dragon Ball Super Kakumei was ultimately canceled after some chapters, it has ignited hype among the fans and it has been revitalized again.

Dragon Ball Kakumei

The series is surely binge-able for most Dragon Ball fans. With the most engaging artwork and a logical and thrilling plot, it takes us to something the fans desired after the Tournament of Power.

However, most fans are curious as most of the chapters are unavailable in the social space after its cancelation. However, we have explained DragonBall Kakumei in all chapters below. 

If you are a true Dragon Ball fan, make sure to read the DragonBall Kakumei and we believe the fans were bringing up some more interesting chapters. Well, fingers crossed, and let’s hope we can get more interesting chapters. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 1 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 1 takes us on an amazing roller coaster ride of thrill, suspense, and action. It reveals the consequences of Android 17’s wish to restore all the universes. It takes place after the super-entertaining Broly arc.

Finally, in DragonBall Kakumei chapter 1, we will witness the much-awaited Goku and Beerus rematch. After the Dragon Ball Z, Battle of Gods, Goku is now far more powerful with Ultra Instinct under his belt.

Meanwhile, Android 17’s wish has unknowingly restored the seven deleted universes and now it’s time for a thrilling war between the Gods. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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The Dragon Ball Kakumei manga chapter 1 starts showcasing Caulifa, trying to compel Lord Champa to train her. However, as they move on with their conversation, all the universes sense a major shake.

As the story proceeds, the real reason behind the shake is revealed as the increase in power of the strongest Super Saiyan, Goku, and the Universe 7 Destroyer, Beerus.

So, when they clash, their incredible energy levels have ignited a terrible shake across all universes, including Universe 11. Toppo even recognizes that its Goku and Universe 11 Angel to highlight that their power is incredible. 

Next, we jump to Universe 7 or more specifically, Earth, where we see Krillin trying to rescue the civilians from destruction.

But why is everything being destroyed? It’s because of Goku and Beerus’ deadly combat. Though they were fighting in space their energy is so huge, the power waves are destroying the planet.

As the story builds up hype, Goku is introduced struggling against Beerus in Super Saiyan Blue form. Though he eventually moves to Ultra Instinct form, for the majority of the battle he stays in SSB form. Beerus introduces his most-awaited mad-man look with veins popping out from his body.

He is looking really muscular. As Beerus and Goku clash and the battle is getting heated up, they are destroying the planet around them with each blow. The exchange of power blasts or ki blasts ignites some moments of fatigue in both warriors.

However, Beerus explodes and grabs Goku’s face and it seems both the warriors are ready to kill each other. Goku manages to escape, while Beerus follows him.

Then we are driven into a new planet, where the two warriors are teleported. However, Beerus manages to grab Goku’s feet and throw him away dragging him through different planets. Ultimately Goku reaches a new planet named Tako-Tako.

Beerus slams Goku into this planet causing incredible damage. Finally, the God of Destruction prepares his death ball to wipe out the planet along with Goku. Meanwhile, Goku stands up and notices a child, a native of the planet.

Dragon Ball Kakumei

He yells at him to get out of their way and jump to the moon of the planet. So that Beerus’s death ball hit the moon and not Tako-Tako. 

Here DragonBall Kakumei Chapter 1 unveils the ultimate thrilling. While Goku flies to the moon, we notice the child hanging on his legs. So, in the attempt to save the child, Goku gets his back ripped with the death ball exposing his muscles, thereby, almost losing his life.

This ignites the much-awaited rage in Goku and with a ripped open back and muscle fibers really visible, Goku starts his ultimate transformation.

His hair turns white and he acquires the Ultra Instinct Omen form and rushes to Beerus. Goku instant takes Beerus away from the planet to save its citizens and unleashes a new move. A move never witnessed before in Dragon Ball.

He unleashes a Dragon first attack that eats up the planets and rushes to Beerus. At this time, Whis walks into the fight. It seems it’s the end of the fight as Goku unleashes the mighty blow. However, within a blink, a dark powerful paw strikes Goku’s shoulder.

It’s Lord Beerus, full power. The mighty God of Destruction combined the Ultra Instinct powers with the God of Destruction. He also informed Goku that he barely remembers the last time he combined the powers. So, Goku must be proud of his incredible energy.

However, Goku tries to retaliate preparing his final move. He tries to deliver the final Kamehameha. Whis notices that Goku has come up a long way pushing Beerus to unleash his true potential.

While the focus shifts to Beerus, the God of Destruction was warming up his arms preparing himself for the ultimate attack of Goku. Meanwhile, we find Goku’s eyebrows turning white and it’s mastered ultra instinct.

However, suddenly a splash of blood pops out and he runs out of stamina by the time he is ready to deliver his final blow on Beerus. But, it’s not the end as the fight between Beerus and Goku prepares the fans for the ultimate battle.

As Grand Priest prepares all the Angels for the deadly war knocking at the doors. So, now it’s time to witness the true powers of the Angels. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 2

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 2 opens up with Son Goku sitting on Beerus’s planet, having a conversation with Whis. After the first chapter, we know that he has again lost to Beerus. But this time, the war was even fatal.

So, it’s pretty clear that Goku is moving rapidly and will surely overtake Beerus in the upcoming series. Now, Whis heals up Goku. However, Goku wanted to keep the scar on his back.

Then Whis flies up with Goku to the space. However, suddenly Whis highlights his bad feeling. Maybe a spike in energy due to the entry of Mother Angel in the plot.

Now Goku joins Whis to check what’s happening. Though Whis insisted Goku leave, he made his intentions clear.

Soon, we saw the space-time dimension opening up and its Universe Zero. Meanwhile, Goku moves to Universe Zero in search of worthy opponents, while Whis goes to the Grand Priest’s palace.

So, now the main attraction of the chapter comes to light. We find the mother of Angles confronting all the Angel crews, titling the Grand Priest as an imposter who provoked a genocide and highlighted himself at the levels of the Omni kings.

Meanwhile, the Grand Priest stands up and says enough. Now, there is an exchange of dialogues that explains what the Mother of Angles is talking about. 

On several questions of the Grand Priest, he replied saying she was the Mother of Angels. She then reveals that Universe 19 was incredibly powerful and united, which enabled it to unleash some monstrous strength to disturb the balance of the universes under the Omni kings.

So, without even informing the Omni kings, he expanded space-time and while it only takes place for an instant for Grand Priest for everyone in Universe 19, it wiped out the bodies of the innocent people for ten billion years. This implies that she used some Angel magic to tear the universe apart.

As the story proceeds, we are introduced to all the Gods of Destructions and Angels of Universe 13 to 18. The most-awaited God of Destruction, Frieza, is also here.

However, suddenly one of them speaks up about a mortal who entered the universe zero and is screaming like a donkey and its Son Goku.

So, basically, they ended up catching Goku and chaining him up. Meanwhile, the Gods of Destruction prepare for a deadly battle, and Mother of Angles declare that a war between deities on a multiversal scale is about to kick start.

So, every individual mortal or not will have to pick one side and the winning side will remain to create a new world with perfect balance. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 3 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 3 is titled “Stand Clear For Departure” and the chapter introduces us to most of the fighters who participated in the Tournament of Power. They are featured going through intense training as they are gearing up to fight the onslaught of the Gods of Destruction jumping into the scene from the restored universes. 

At the climax of Tournament of Power, Android 17’s wish to restore all universes brought both positive and negative sides. The return of Universe zero was a major setback for the multiverse balance.

In the last chapter, we saw how Goku reached Universe zero and he was eventually trapped. We also got a glimpse of the past as the Grand Priest revealed he sealed the Mother of Angels and the Gods of Destruction of Universe Zero in some sort of time-space barrier to maintain the power balance across all universes.

But now, with Universe Zero restored, dark clouds have surrounded all universes as Universe Zero seeks revenge. 

Meanwhile, the Angels inform all the great fighters from all Universes warning them about the war knocking at the doors. Then the plot shifts to a conversation between Vegeta and Bulma.

Vegeta here mentions Broly and says they must start the hunt for the Legendary Super Saiyan as he has insane potential and he will be incredibly useful for the Gods and Angels.

So, Vegeta ends up jumping into the mission to find Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. Vegeta ultimately decides to land into Universe 6 to Sadala, the Saiyan Planet. 

The plot then turns to Piccolo. The Namekian is shown meditating. While we hear a low conversation between Vegeta and Gohan. Here the positive character of Vegeta wins the hearts of the fans. As Vegeta steps out of his jealous attitude and pieces of advice Gohan to go train with Whis, the Angel as Goku too achieved incredible abilities under his training.

But surprisingly Gohan rejects Vegeta’s plan and reveals that he knows what he wants to do. He actually wants to step into Universe 11 where he can train with the most efficient warriors, Jiren and Toppo. Gohan amalgamates the Z-fighters and informs them about the danger ahead.

This scene follows a long speech of Gohan revealing how his father, Goku fought for the civilians and saved the universe tons of times. Later on, every fighter jumps into different universes to train harder and accomplish a new level of power. 

So, this chapter passes a glimpse of the preparation for the ultimate war and the later chapters will explore deeper. We will witness how the Gods of Destruction, The Angels, and the most efficient fighters of different universes join hands to cope with the most powerful Gods of Universe Zero. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 4

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 4’s cover speaks out about its story. The chapter surrounds Vegeta, Kale, and Caulifla. The chapter opens up with Vegeta having a heated up conversation with Caulifa. Ultimately Kale attacks Vegeta. But hands down, we all know Vegeta is far more powerful than the female Saiyan. So, he smashes her within a blink.

The circumstances get heated up as Vegeta transforms to his Super Saiyan form and dips Caulifa into a blood pool. Meanwhile, the story moves to Hit who is busy finding Frost, who is presently bugging out. While Frost tries to escape, Hit uses his time skip ability to reach up to him.

As the story proceeds, the ultimate truth comes to the light. It was Frost who was hired to knock down Hit. But he failed miserably as Hit knew his intentions. This may lead to the question of who hired Frost? Well, the answer may be surprising. But Frost, out of his bitterness and hatred, hired himself to kill Hit. 

The story then takes us back to Planet Sadala, where Vegeta is about to meet the King. As Vegeta moves to the Saiyan King’s palace, he is astonished by its beauty. Meanwhile, Caulifa awakens and bursts out in rage. It seems she is dying to seek revenge from Vegeta.

Then the story presents us with the Saiyan King. He stepped into the scene and introduced himself as King Sadala. He further tries to elaborate his story, but Vegeta being Vegeta, did not want to know. But out of the King’s influential character, Vegeta ultimately compromises. 

King Sadala goes on to elaborate his story. While he tells his story and is about to leave Vegeta starts calling him a chicken who is afraid of death. The situation is heated up and everyone expects the traditional Vegeta who will go for a kill and will eliminate the obstacle.

But, boom, here is why Dragon Ball Kakumei is different. Vegeta bends down on his knees with a request seeking help. 

Meanwhile, the story again transfers to Hit and Frost talking. While for most of the time Hit tried to avoid Frost. Suddenly, Frost spoke up that he may be unhappy with his life and job, to which Hit responded with a resounding voice.

Now, we are cut to a fresh location, where we see Jaco announcing that their journey to Vampa’s residence will take two more days. But the problem is the supplies are running low now. We also see Broly here offering some supplies to Jaco.

Meanwhile, Vegeta explained the circumstances to King Sadala, who appears to be uninterested. However, Vegeta tries to convince him surprisingly. Finally, King Sadala responds to the calls and orders the special forces to train with Vegeta. So, what’s next? The preparation of a deathly battle starts here. 

dragon ball kakumei chapter 5

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Kakumei, we saw how Vegeta is gearing up for the ultimate fight gathering up all the Saiyans. So, the Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 5 starts with King Sadala passing down a big speech to all his Saiyan forces.

The most impactful line he said was, “Let’s fight for our own glory and people.” Now, we see Jaco and Broly reaching Planet Sadala. Jaco quickly puts up a drone to locate Vegeta, and it finally finds Vegeta. However, before Jaco could be able to communicate with Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans quickly destroys the drone.

Jaco bursts out in anger at Vegeta’s reaction and flies to get the remaining of his drone. This scene follows a flashback of about a couple of hours ago, where the story features a piece of life of Gohan with his family and Piccolo. The story then shifts again to Vegeta and the crew. 

Now, Jaco located Vegeta, and he questions him why he destroyed a really expensive gadget and Vegeta is like ‘I don’t give a damn’ and he counters questions ‘What do you want from me?’ Meanwhile, the other characters like Bulma and Broly walk into the scene and we see Bulma having a conversation with Cabba as they know each other from the Tournament of Power.

Broly here looks at Kale and notices something special. Hands down, we know Kale is often titled the female version of Broly. They start staring at each other. However, after Bulma convinced Kale, she agreed to become their guide in Planet Sadala.

Now, we navigate through the city lights of planet Sadala. The story beautifully includes us with the civilians on the planet and shows something the fans love – piece-of-life scenes. 

Meanwhile, we are moved to another scene where Goten and Trunks are about to start their training under Whis, the Angel of Universe 7.

On the other hand, Vegeta is ready to train all the Saiyans to help them polish their abilities and we will also witness some of the major changes in Broly’s character in terms of power, looks and behavior in the upcoming chapters. 

dragon ball kakumei chapter 6

In case, the makers drop any official chapter 6 of Dragon Ball Kakumei, we will surely update you. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 7 

As we witnessed a storm of thrill, suspense, and tragedies showering on different universes. While the Gods and Angles have announced the start of a deadly war with Universe Zero, the Z-Fighters prepare for it. Most of them chose their own paths to polish their abilities.

As of now, we also know that Broly will join the squad to counter the evils. But what next will they be able to defeat the evil gods?

As the story proceeds, the Z-warriors get the news about Goku getting trapped in Universe Zero. So, they decide to continue their training without the most powerful Saiyan in the universe, Goku.

As Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 7 opens, we see Gohan and his crew reporting to the place where Vegeta and Whis were waiting for them. Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, and Whis pass a smile watching the entrance of Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien.

As the Z-warriors resemble, Whis asks them what’s the plan? Gohan speaks out let’s start with universe 9. Vegeta surprisingly turns to Gohan and questions him about his idea. Gohan passes a smile ordering Yamcha, Tien, and Krillin to move to the Trio of Dangers.

He further adds that though Gohan has not yet connected with them, analyzing the situation they will surely accept their proposal. So, the team gears up to navigate between different universes gathering the most powerful entities. The spotlight then moves to Planet Vampa as Jaco, Bulma and other warriors travel to a new universe.

Meanwhile, all the Z-warriors and Whis travel to Universe 9, Planet Calament. While Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien report to Universe 9, Gohan moves out on another quest, and Whis’s vehicle lands in Universe 6, Sadala and we see Vegeta.

All the other Saiyans on the planet were surprised at the entry of such immense energy into their planet. While most of the Saiyans were curious and petrified, Vegeta passes a smile watching his own planet. 

While all the Saiyans were starring at Vegeta, one of them spoke up highlighting that he is a Saiyan. Vegeta, within a blink of an eye, turns him down to his knees with an attack on his neck and announces that “I am not only a Saiyan, I am the Prince of All Saiyans.

” Watching their mate hurt all the other Saiyans on Planet Sadala moves towards Vegeta warning him. Meanwhile, the limelight moves to Goten and Trunks who have reached their destination. It’s Universe 7 or more specifically Lord Beerus’s planet.

So, with all the fighters reaching their specified destinations what’s next? Make sure to read

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 8 for more updates. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei

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So, here we present the complete information on Dragon Ball Kakumei all chapters. Hope you liked the article. We will make sure to update the new chapters as the fans drop them. Comment down your views below and make sure to share the article with all Dragon Ball fans. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Where To Read Dragon Ball Kakumei Online?

Ans – Dragon Ball Kakumei all chapters are available on So, make sure to check out the above article. 

Q2: Which Dragon Ball Series Is Canon?

Ans – The Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super manga, including the Jaco Galactic Patrolman, Dragon Ball Minus, and Revival of “F” are titled the canon from the Dragon Ball franchise. 

Q3: Is Dragon Ball Online Canon?

Ans – With the exceptions of Revival of “F” and Gods and Gods, the Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama announced to be official continuations of the manga, films are titled to have different stories set in different dimensions.
So, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball animated movies are not canonical.

Q4: Is Dragon Ball Kakumei Real?

Ans – Though DragonBall Kakumei is hugely popular, it’s not an official manga from Akira Toriyama. Moreover, it doesn’t come under any publisher such as Viz media or Shueisha and does not run in V Jump. 

Q5: What Is The Story Of Dragon Ball Kakumei?

Ans – The plot of Dragon Ball Kakumeirevolves around the “Zero Universe”, the universe restored by mistake as a part of Android 17’s wish at the end of the Tournament of Power. 

Q6: Will Dragon Ball Continue?

Ans – Dragon Ball Super series has marked its exit with the Tournament of Power. However, the franchise is heading towards the theatres as the new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is on the cards and will debut in 2022. 

Q7: Will Dragon Ball Kakumei Come Up With New Chapters?

Ans – DragonBall Kakumei was initially canceled. However, due to high demands from fans, its production is resumed and we may see new chapters in the future. 

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