Dragon Ball Heroes Characters – Dragon Ball Heroes All Characters

Dragon Ball Heroes Characters – Know About Dragon Ball Heroes All Characters!!

When it comes to witnessing the full-packed power of the Dragon Ball franchise and experiencing an amalgamation of all the characters delivering an edge of entertainment, the first name that strikes the fans is the latest Dragon Ball hit series, “Dragon Ball Heroes.”
With a bunch of popular Dragon Ball Heroes characters, it is a multimedia project that constitutes an important part of the Dragon Ball franchise.
The Dragon Ball Heroes is divided into three super-exciting parts, including the games, anime, and manga. So, if you are a Dragon Ball fan craving to know all details about top Dragon Ball Heroes characters, make sure to go through the complete article. 

Dragon Ball Heroes (Game)

The Dragon Ball Heroes game is presently titled Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and it has four parts – 

  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission 

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime 

The official title of the Dragon Ball Heroes anime has been changed to Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In this article, we have covered all details about all Dragon Ball Heroes characters. 

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga 

Dragon Ball Heroes or Super Dragon Ball Heroes is divided into seven chapters, which are as follows – 

  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Charisma Mission 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Charisma Mission 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Avatars

Dragon Ball Super Heroes 

Dragon Ball Super Heroes or Super Dragon Ball Heroes is one of the top promotional TV anime series. The series is solely designed for the Dragon Ball Heroes game that started on July 1, 2018. While the Dragon Ball franchise has designed the manga, the anime was authored by Yoshitaka Nagayama. 
The first part of the series is titled the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission, and it deals with the Universal Conflict Saga and the Prison Planet Saga.
While the second part is referred to as Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission, it primarily revolves around the Universe Creation Saga and the New Space-Time War Saga. For all the Dragon Ball Super Heroes characters, all the events happen after the Universe Survival Saga.
However, for the “Xeno” characters, all the events take place after the Dark King Mechikabura Saga. 

Dragon Ball Super Heroes Characters 

If you are curious to know about all the characters in Dragon Ball Super Heroes, here is the list of characters in the series – 

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Vegito
  • Gogeta
  • Future Trunks 
  • Piccolo 
  • Android 17
  • Future Mai
  • Whis 
  • Shin
  • Cooler
  • Chronoa 
  • Hit 
  • Cabba 
  • Caulifa
  • Kale 
  • Fuwa 
  • Jiren 
  • Top 
  • Grand Minister 
  • Fu 
  • Cumber
  • Hearts 
  • Fused Zamasu 
  • Oren 
  • Kamin 
  • Rags 
  • Mechikabura 
  • Towa 
  • Mira
  • Kale 

Dragon Ball Heroes Characters

Dragon Ball Heroes All Characters 

Dragon Ball Super Heroes introduced a wide range of characters. Here are some of the details about the major Dragon Ball Heroes characters names – 
#1 Goku 
Every Dragon Ball fan knows Son Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. Goku is one of the most powerful Saiyans, who was originally sent to Earth to destroy the planet.
However, after a head injury, he forgot his intentions and turned out to be the defender of the Earth. So, now he is the strongest Saiyan in Universe 7. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Goku’s character is voiced by Masako Noawa. 
#2 Vegeta
The Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta is one of the central characters in Dragon Ball. A Saiyan full of pride, regal and egotistical.
Though he was initially introduced as a ruthless foe of the heroes, he ultimately turned out to be one of the most powerful superheroes of Dragon Ball. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Vegeta is voiced by Ryo Horikawa. 
#3 Vegito 
Imagine what will happen if two superpowers collide or combine to unleash new energy? Vegito is the fusion of two of the strongest Saiyans in the universe – Goku, and Vegeta.
This Dragon Ball Super Hero character is something astonishing for the fans. He is the result of Vegeta and Goku’s fusion using Potara Earrings. In DBH, Vegito is voiced by both Masako Nozawa and Ryo Horikawa. 
#4 Gogeta 
Like Vegito, Gogeta is also a fusion character resulting from Goku and Vegeta’s fusion when they undertake the fusion process through dance.
He showcases dual audio, combining the voices of Goku and Vegeta. This Dragon Ball Heroes character is voiced by Ryo Horikawa and Masako Nozawa. 
#5 Future Trunks 
Future Trunks is Vegeta’s son from alternate future. He is one of the most well-mannered and serious Dragon Ball Heroes characters. He is voiced by Takeshi Kusao in Dragon Ball Heroes. 
#6 Piccolo 
The warrior Namekian, Piccolo, or Ma Junior is the final child of King Piccolo. As per Grand Elder Guru, Piccolo along with King Piccolo and Kami are a crucial part of the Dragon Clan. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Piccolo is voiced by Toshio Furukawa. 
#7 Android 17 
Android 17 is one of the mightiest creations of Dr. Gero, who was initially appointed to destroy the Earth. However, later he turned out to be a good character and joined the Z-warrior’s team. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Android 17 is voiced by Shigeru Nakahara. 
#8 Cooler 
Cooler is one of the main antagonists of the Dragon Ball franchise. The creators have sketched the most compelling story and delivered exciting movies and series surrounding Cooler. He is Frieza’s brother and the son of King Cold. In DBH, Cooler’s character is voiced by Ryusei Nakao. 
#9 Whis 
Whis is the Angel of Universe 7. With tons of divine abilities, he is the God of Destruction, Beerus’s companion and guide. Whis is voiced by Masakazu Morita in Dragon Ball Super Heroes. 
#10 Shin 
Shin is the Supreme Kai of Universe 7. Introduced in Dragon Ball Z – Buu Saga, he is one of the most important characters. In Dragon Ball Heroes, his character is voiced by Shinichiro Ohta.
#11 Hit 
Hit, often titled “Legendary Hitman” is the deadly assassin of Universe 6. He showcased his immense time controlling skills in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. He was the leader of Universe 6 in the tournament. In DBH, Hit’s character is voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji. 
#12 Chronoa 
Chronoa also referred to as the Lord of Time is a deity who controls the flow of time from the cosmos. She is a Dragon Ball Heroes character, voiced by Kanae Ito. 
#13 Kale & Caulifa 
Kale and Caulifa are the two Saiyans from Universe 6. They are the first female Saiyans in the Dragon Ball Universe. Kale is voiced by Yukana, while Caulifa is voiced by Yuka Komatsu in Dragon Ball Heroes.
#14 Fuwa 
Fuwa is the Supreme Kai of Universe 6. Fuwa’s character is voiced by Yasunori Masutani in Dragon Ball Heroes. 
#15 Jiren & Top 
Jiren and Top are the most powerful warriors from Universe 11. The top is a worthy contender for the God of Destruction’s post. While Jiren rejected the opportunity to be one. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Jiren is voiced by Eji Hanawa, while Top is voiced by Kenji Nomura. 

Dragon Ball Heroes Female Characters 

Here is the list of all Dragon Ball Heroes female characters – 

  • Future Mai 
  • Chronoa 
  • Towa 
  • Kale & Caulifa 
  • Kamin 
  • Rags 

#1 Future Mai 
Hailing from the Future Trunks Saga, Future Mai is one of the tritagonists. She is the head of the Resistance against Goku Black and one of the allies of Future Trunks. 
#2 Chronoa 
She is a deity who supervises the flow of time from the cosmos. Chronoa is often referred to as the Lord of Time. She is an important character in the Xenoverse series. 
#3 Towa 
Towa is the popular female demon from the Demon Realm. When it comes to Dragon Ball Online, she is the prime antagonist and the secondary villain in Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. 
#4 Kale & Caulifa 
They are the first female Super Saiyans in the Dragon Ball Universe. Kale and Caulifa are the two most powerful entities from Universe 6. 
#5 Kamin 
Hailing from Universe 6, she is an artificial lifeform. Kamin is one of the primary antagonists of the Universal Conflict Saga and is a prominent member of the Core Area Warriors. 
#6 Rags 
Rags is a humanoid and is a prime member of the Core Area Warriors and a primary antagonist of the Universal Conflict Saga. 

Dragon Ball Heroes Villians 

So, here is the list of all Dragon Ball Heroes characters villains – 
#1 Rags
#2 Mira 
#3 Towa 
#4 Mechikabura 
#5 Kamioren
#6 Kain 
#7 Oren 
#8 Fused Zamasu 
#9 Cumber 
#10 Fu 
#11 Cooler 

Dragon Ball Heroes Facts 

Here are some unknown facts about Dragon Ball Heroes – 

  • Dragon Ball Heroes is originally a promotional anime based on video games. 
  • DBH is a non-canon with the official Dragon Ball anime. 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes has its own manga and it’s a bit different from the original manga. 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes combines the characters and transformation of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT. 
  • The series brings back tons of old and new villains. 
  • Dragon Ball Heroes explores new transformations and fusion forms. 
  • It also introduces the Time Patrol and other video game elements in its plot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Dragon Ball Heroes Official?
Ans – Though Super Dragon Ball Heroes refers to many of the things from Dragon Ball Super, it forges its own canon that mostly combines the Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. So, it’s not canon with the anime. 
Q2: Is Dragon Ball Heroes Still Running?
Ans – Yes, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a manga and anime created to capitalize on the popularity of the video game. It started in 2018 and is still running. 
Q3: Is Dragon Ball Heroes After Super?
Ans – Dragon Ball Heroes is a non-canon story that showcases the alternate outcomes and scenarios and it takes place after Dragon Ball Super. 
Q4: How Many Episodes Of Dragon Ball Heroes Are There?
Ans – As of now, there are a total of 39 episodes in the Dragon Ball Heroes series. It started on July 1, 2018 and is still running. 
Q5: Where Can I Watch Dragon Ball Heroes?
Ans – Dragon Ball Heroes or Super Dragon Ball Heroes is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and more. The subscription holders of these platforms can stream the latest episode of the series anywhere and anytime. 
Q6: Is There Super Saiyan 5?
Ans – Though a super cool image of Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan 5 went viral a few days back, it was only a hoax. The official creators or Akira Toriyama have not yet confirmed the image and existence of Super Saiyan 5. 
Q7: Who Is The Main Villain Of Dragon Ball Heroes?
Ans – Fu is titled the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Heroes. He is Dabura’s successor to the Demon King’s throne. 


So, here we have presented Super Dragon Ball Heroes characters’ names with in-depth details. Hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned for more of such exciting content and share this article with all Dragon Ball fans. 

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