We Bet Your Favorite Anime Hero Can’t Defeat These Dragon Ball Characters!!

We all know how Dragon Ball characters are full of impeccable endless potential. How the power ceiling of “God” was broken by Goku, the door is open for any number of powerful characters like Goten and Trunks to literally continue further as further than they ever have! 

Then again, few have reached at the top or don’t have that same endless potential due to either lack of expertise training, or screen time. 

Yes, we can say that Master Roshi is among them, but there are several other Dragon Ball characters who haven’t hit the same level and peak as the Saiyans would!


But trust us, these Dragon Ball Characters are literally maxed out! And it’s really impossible to kill them!! 

5 Dragon Ball Characters Who Can’t Be Defeated!! 

Garlic Jr.

Dragon Ball Characters
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We already know he’s not a strong fighter, but he’s one of the few Dragon Ball characters who wished for true immorality. Everyone knows he’s never gonna come back from the Death Zone and fight our heroes, but still, he’s immortal and was a gem.

Infinite Zamasu

Dragon Ball Characters
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OMG-we just can’t stop talking about him. He was immortal and even without a body, we can say he was a powerful character. So, do you think Zamasu would come back anyhow to achieve his goal?

That’s for sure, if not for Zeno, Infinite Zamasu would have never been defeated!


Dragon Ball Characters
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Wasn’t that scene marvelous where, after defeating King Piccolo, Kami chose to resurrect Shenron and again reactive the Dragon balls? 

Even fans think that no matter how many times he’s defeated or knocked this powerful dragon, he will return as long as there is Kami on planet Earth!


Dragon Ball Characters
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We can say he’s the daddy Villian of all the Dragon Ball characters. He’s another name of devil evil. He just can never be destroyed. 

Good and Evil go together, and he’s the one who’s on the evil side. We are sure he won’t ever be seen again, but what if he’s still around all the Dragon ball characters watching them and just waiting for the right moment to come again—what say, fans?

Goku and Vegeta 

Dragon Ball Characters
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They need no introduction. Their names themselves are enough. With a maximum of fans crazy for them, they have been overpowered plenty of times in the franchise, but everyone knows they can never be defeated. They will keep coming back again and again until they are able to win the fight!

So, people, who’s your favorite Dragon Ball character? Tell us in the comment box. 

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