We Can’t Believe Our Eyes, The Hit Crime Series Is Renewed: Dr Death Season 2 Is Coming!

Heya FamBam,

OMG, we knew this would happen one day, but that wasn’t expected today. 

Yes, we are talking about the smashing hit true crime series Dr Death getting renewed for Season 2–Yes, and this made our day! 

So, here is all we know about Dr Death Season 2!! 

What is Dr Death all about?

Dr Death Season 2
Credit – Variety.com

A little synopsis would not harm anyone. Based on a hit podcast and genuinely inspired by the terrifying real story of Dr Christopher Duntsch, a young and charismatic star in the Texas medical community. 

After building flourishing neurosurgery practice, everything suddenly changes when patients entering Dr Duntsch’s operating room for complex but regular routine spinal surgeries start being left permanently disabled/ dead. 

Imagine these victims piling up, and there are only two fellow physicians and Dallas prosecutor Michelle Shughart are all set to stop them—Imagine a mega and better version of this continuing in Dr Death Season 2, and yes, guys, this is the big baddie news!

Peacock has ordered a sequel and Dr Death Season 2 is coming!

The new season will feature the “Miracle Man” storyline. Yes, it would be based on the 3rd season of the Podcast. 

With Ashley Michel Hoban as the writer/producer for Dr Death Season 2, there would be executive producer Patrick Macmanus, too!

What’s Dr Death Season 2 story?

Dr Death Season 2
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It’s likely believed that Season 2 would revolve around Paolo Macchiarini, a stunning adorable surgeon known for his well-known innovative operations that got him famous by the nickname “Miracle Man”. 

Here comes the twist, when he’s approached by the investigative journalist Benita Alexander comes to him for a story, the thin line between personal and professional life seems to get foggy, thus ending up changing her life forever: would she have imagined this? 

No! Later, she learns how the Miracle Man crosses all the limits to protect his oh-so-secrets; there’s a group of doctors from around the globe making shocking and terrifying discoveries of their own that call everything about the “Miracle Man” into question: We are already so thrilled about it! 

But what does Hoban have to say for Dr Death Season 2?

Dr Death Season 2
Credit – Distractify.com

Hoban said that she’s more than honored to have the opportunity to expand the Dr Death universe with the fascinating story. This season would be a global one now.

She also shares that she just can’t wait to share Dr Death Season 2 story, which will be about romance, intrigue, complicated characters and, of course, the eeriness that is Dr Death with our fans—Now, this is adding more heat to the hype—Right?

Let’s end it or not? 

As Dr Death Season 1 has blown everyone’s mind. We are sure this one would be equally incredible, or Maybe more. Right Hoban? 

Tick tick tick tick, now we are just waiting for Dr Death Season 2. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to comment below, and we would love to know what you think about Season 2? Any rating, please? Follow us now! 

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