Downton Abbey 3 Leaks Which Will Make You Swoon!! 

Downton Abbey is one of the most talked-about TV series and has gotten the fans crazy for season 3. 

After a considerable time jump, we expect the series to come back in style. Fans have been wondering about the favorite characters and plots of the show, and we can expect a lot more riveting action. 

Here are some Downton Abbey 3 leaks you would like to know about.

Will there be Downton Abbey 3?

Downton Abbey 3
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There are rumors about whether the family will continue their story in another big-screen outing. 

Entertainment Weekly has stated that it found out that Iain Macleod personally won’t be involved with Downton Abbey film #3. 

And when the reporter asked Julian Fellowes if this would happen, he said: “Hopefully, people have been watching it, and they have enjoyed these characters, and they don’t feel they’ve had enough of them. But I don’t know. There aren’t any plans.”

There are no plans for Downton Abbey 3, but this may change with the audience’s reaction to Downton Abbey 2. 

Julian Fellowes has stated that if the audience wants more and the cast wants to do more, they will give them what they want. 

With so many words written over the years about Downton Abbey, he said it didn’t matter if the show was at its peak.

Downton Abbey 3 Leaks: Plot details!! 

Downton Abbey 3
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In a recent interview, Bonneville shares his thoughts on the potential for a third Downton Abbey film and dropped some Downton Abbey Season 3 leaks. 

The story follows the lives of the Crawley family throughout most of the 20th century. If there will be some follow-up to Downton Abbey 2, one thing’s for sure: It will be hard to stop the destruction brought about by World War I seen in the last movie.

Downton Abbey’s ending was a bit controversial. After Maggie Smith’s character, Violet Crawley, dies and the baby is born, viewers wonder where the series’ storyline will go. Suffice to say that the new season has followed suit. 

Although much anticipation existed before A New Era aired, some fans were disappointed in how things turned out. The ending certainly gave plenty of room for continued adventures. Now that their lives have further evolved, not everyone is happy with where the writers took them.

Expected cast for Downton Abbey 3!! 

Downton Abbey 3
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Most cast members of Downton Abbey 1 and 2 have signed up for another season, so there is a strong likelihood that your favorite characters from seasons past will all be coming back in Downton Abbey 3. 

And yes, that includes Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley! You might have noticed that Lily James hasn’t been on the show since she left to tread her path towards Hollywood fame, but we hear the producers are working behind the scenes to ensure you’ll see her back in Downton Abbey 3! 

As for Maggie Smith, who played the Dowager Countess Grantham, she had repeatedly stated in interviews that she didn’t plan to return to the show. 

So while there’s always a chance something could happen and cause artistic changes, it’s unlikely. Any movie or series also usually has special guest stars joining them every season, and this would be no exception.


Seeing how things turn out will be interesting. We can hope for the best, but remember that the series was a massive hit in the UK and didn’t do as well in the US. 

Maybe if there is a third season, it will follow the trend and be more like the first two seasons! 

But till now, there has been no announcement for Downton Abbey season 3, but as soon as there is any update, we will indeed be providing all the Downton Abbey season 3 leaks in our future articles. Till then, you can stay tuned for our comments. 

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