Doctor Strange 3: Benedict Cumberbatch Drops A Shocking Update!  

The star of the MCU’s latest release, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the titular role of Doctor Strange in the movie, has spoken about his hopes for reappearing in the next sequel, Doctor Strange 3. Here is all we know. 

Released on the 6th of May 2022, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness undoubtedly had been a cinematic masterpiece. The movie has amassed a box office collection of a total of $815 Million and has every Marvel fan talking about the movie. 

However, the twisted climax of the movie has left the fans wondering what will happen next!! So, here is what Benedict Cumberbatch revealed about Doctor Strange 3. 

Benedict Cumberbatch Revealed Shocking Update On Doctor Strange 2

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In an interview with the New Indian Express, the actor was asked about the future of the Doctor Strange series. When he was asked about whether there will be a Doctor Strange 3 or not. Benedict replied, “I hope so, I would love to do another one. Doctor Strange is such a complex character and it feels like there is so much more to explore with him – he is such a brilliant character and I’m still having a wild time playing him.”

Benedict Cumberbatch appeared as the Doctor Strange of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the 2016 movie Doctor Strange. The 2016 movie was based on the comic superhero of the same name and it was the first movie remake of the magical and mysterious character. 

Doctor Strange 3

Benedict has played the character of Doctor Strange in all five subsequent Marvel movies along with Doctor Strange and has also been the voice actor for this character in 2021 What If…? Animated series. 

Cumberbatch most recently worked with MCU in this film, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. So it is highly expected that in the later sequel of the movie, Doctor Strange 3, we will see Benedict return as Doctor Strange. 

Benedict Cumberbatch when talking about his feelings with playing the character has spoken about how playing in more than one movie as Doctor Strange has been like therapy to him. 

“This multiversal narrative structure or idea is like it is in our own lives. We play multiple roles,” said Cumberbatch. “We have an incredible capacity and imaginative space in our subconscious to imagine ourselves into different circumstances in our dreamscape, and I feel that this is an extrapolation of that in the sense that he’s meeting other versions who are essentially him, but they’ve made different choices in different circumstances with different outcomes. So, it’s a great fuel from a very odd spectacular self-therapy.”

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Talking about the movie’s great success around the globe, Benedict seemed to be surprised about all the love he’s been getting. “I’m still surprised at how prominent he has become. I always knew there was amazing potential there because of all the aspects to the character, but I definitely had no idea that we would get to be at this point with the multiverse aspect when we started out,” said Cumberbatch.

Benedict Cumberbatch has also talked about taking a break from acting to take some time balancing parenthood with his career. When asked about his experience of fatherhood, Benedict said “it gets very multiversal in real life as well.”

Nonetheless, Benedict Cumberbatch’s hopeful remark about being in Doctor Strange 3 has definitely sparked some hope in fans about the series having an upcoming sequel. 

We will see Benedict Cumberbatch again as the magically powerful being once again soon in the future.


  • Will there be a Doctor Strange 3?

Although there has been no official confirmation of a Doctor Strange 3, according to the comics, we will soon see a sequel to the series.

  • When will Doctor Strange 3 come out?

Since there have been no official conversations about the sequel of the movie, it is not sure when we will get a Doctor Strange 3. 

  • Who will be the villain in Doctor Strange 3?

If the MCU follows along with the comic version of Doctor Strange, then Joaquin Phoenix may be the next villain in Doctor Strange 3.

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