Doctor Strange 2 Theory – MCU Has Closed Its Doors For This Major Character!! 

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After the release of Doctor Strange – Multiverse of Madness, many questions have arisen in the minds of the fans but are yet to be answered by the MCU. We are expecting them to be unveiled in the coming installments of the MCU. 

But, when it some to leaks and spoilers, how can Sassyshows be aside? So, we are here with the latest Doctor Strange 2 theory. 

Reports claim that the recent installment of the MCU – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have closed the door on the character well known as the love of life of Doctor Strange. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have closed the door on Christine Palmer. But should her story in the MCU be done?

And now Doctor Strange has moved on… 

Doctor Strange 2 Theory
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We are ahead of a crazy Doctor Strange 2 theory. Please note and make sure you think twice before reading along!! 🙂

The latest flick by MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has received many accolades from fans worldwide. 

The most crucial pointer in the movie for all its viewers was the characters and the kind of role they are shown portraying in the respective universes. 

One of the most critical connections here was the undying love of Doctor Strange for Christine Palmer, which will no longer be visible as Doctor Strange has moved on. Does this mean we shall not be able to witness Christine Palmer anymore in MCU?

Christine – The Night Nurse

Doctor Strange 2 Theory
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The upcoming paragraph might serve as Doctor Strange 2 theory. 

In the installments of MCU, we have witnessed Christine as not just another nurse who would treat only civilians, but also the one who has focused on her skills of helping superheroes in times of need.

Though she was not the only one to use this name as a medical professional, she carried it with so much pride. We have witnessed her helping the superheroes. Her tenure as Night Nurse did not last long, yet it could easily get expanded in the MCU world. 

Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Will Christine Palmer Return? 

Doctor Strange 2 Theory
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Though in the comics, we could never get much of Christine’s character, we are predicting that in case she takes up the responsibilities of the Night Nurse, then there could be a chance to flesh out her character with more layers. 

The detailing might also include her balancing her married life and work life. We could also get to witness her be of aid to Doctor Strange in the future coming flicks of the MCU. 

There are chances she could also be the one to treat the Mutants, thereby creating a possibility of her meeting Storm and Nightcrawler.

Are you guys waiting for the twist MCU will get and want to know more of Doctor Strange 2 theory??

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