Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Out!! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Plot Leaked!!

It’s a bomb coming in from the Marvel franchise. Like its name, Doctor Strange 2 will be loaded with madness. As per the latest updates, the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness plot leaked, and here is everything you need to know. 

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Spoilers!!

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers
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With the official release date of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness knocking at our doors, social media is getting loaded with tons of fan theories and rumors on the new Marvel movie. 

However, none of them are satisfactory for the fans. While there is some confirmed news of the Doctor Strange 2 cameo roles, the fans are excited to know the plot of the new movie. So, finally, Sassyshows has collected the official Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers for the fans. 

So, without any further ado, let’s check out the Doctor Strange 2 plot. 

Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness Plot Leaked!!

Sassyhows has finally managed to squeeze out the official plot of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from the creators. If you were stunned watching Spiderman: No Way Home, get ready for the ultimate shock of your life as Doctor Strange 2 is coming with real madness. 

 Here is the confirmed Doctor Strange 2 storyline – 

The story opens up featuring Doctor Stephen Strange, Wong, and America Chavez combating mysterious power in the multiverse. While the trio is trying to escape from the demon, the evil manages to get hold of Doctor Strange and Wong and kills them. After their death, America Chavez manages to drag the bodies back to the main MCU timeline. 

However, here the audience will get a slight dose of shock as they will gradually know that it was a mere dream of Dr. Strange. It’s something Strange was suffering from for a long time and he claims that it is the consequence of teasing the rules of Space and Time. 

We all know how Doctor Stephen Strange has been manipulating the laws of space and time, right from Doctor Strange 1 movie. After that, he used the time stone to check the number of possibilities the Avengers had against Thanos and manipulated the scenario. 

However, his acts in Spiderman” No Way Home were a clear indication that something big was coming to MCU. With the doors of the multiverse wide open, it was pretty clear that the dark days were ahead. 

Meanwhile, the story shifts to Christine Palmer’s marriage ceremony. Doctor Strange attended the marriage with his fellow surgeons and here the Marvel creators added a pinch of humor to make the plot more engaging for the fans. 

While Strange was in the marriage, he suddenly learns that a mysterious multiversal villain has attacked New York City and it is destroying everything in his way. Strange quickly reports to the place and boom, it’s Gigantos.  

For the first time, we see America Chavez in the MCU. While Dr. Strange manages to save America Chavez from the monster and the story then shifts to a pizza parlor where they were having a heated up discussion. 

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers
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As Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers goes on, America Chavez reveals her story. She unveils that the demon was after her as it wanted to kill her and steal her powers. So, Chavez has been traveling between universes, escaping from some deadly demons. 

America Chavez also says that she is well aware of Dr. Strange’s mysterious dreams. She reveals that everything Doctor Strange saw was a reality in the multiverse. Therefore, his dreams are not random, they are pieces from the multiverse. 

Doctor Strange, speculating the danger ahead, takes America Chavez to Kamar-Taj. Here we are introduced to Rintrah. Finally, Dr. Strange leaves America Chavez under the supervision of Rintrah, whose main task was to protect Chavez. 

Smelling the multiversal chaos, Doctor Strange decides to knock on the doors of Wanda, seeking her assistance. 

The plot here moves to an unknown yet beautiful place, where Wanda resides. Seeing Doctor Strange, Wanda quickly asks him to pardon her for the events we witnessed in the Wanda Vision series. Doctor Strange revealed his real intentions and said he was not there due to that and informed her about the multiversal madness. 

Doctor Strange 2 Plot Leaked!!

Dr. Stephen knows everything about what Wanda did during the Wanda Vision series. However, one thing he was unaware of was that Wanda Maximoff has been navigating through the Darkhold book for a long time. 

So, as we know, the Darkhold book is popular for corrupting its readers, Wanda too fell into its clutches. She too was getting corrupted by the book. 

Here, Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers delivers the second explosive for the audience. The story reveals the main villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Wanda Maximoff. 

Wanda from the MCU timeline was the one who sent a demon after America Chavez to steal her powers. But why America Chavez? 

Wanda Maximoff’s main intention behind igniting all this multiversal chaos is to revive her children – Billy and Tommy. The Darkhold book corrupted Wanda’s mind, and it compelled her to believe that her children are stuck in the multiverse. 

So, America Chavez is the one who has the power to travel between different universes. Therefore, Wanda craves for her powers which will help her to reach out to her children. (Here Marvel tried to add a pinch of emotion to the plot giving it a motherly angle.)

Therefore, when Doctor Strange asks Wanda about the multiverse, she simply refuses to help him and says she doesn’t know much about the multiverse. So, what is this leading to? See explore more Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers. 

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers
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Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers & Plot Leaks 

Maybe you are thinking that Doctor Strange 2 spoilers have revealed tons of shocks. However, it’s just a start, the ultimate roller coaster ride is waiting for you. Coming from one of the fantastic writers of Marvel, Sam Raimi, the upcoming movie will be a treat for Marvel fans. So, here are more Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers. 

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers 

As Wanda refuses to help Dr. Strange, he quickly moves out of the place. However, with the exit of Strange, the greenery of the place suddenly diminishes, and dark clouds start to surround the area. 

Initially, Wanda feared that Dr. Strange got some glimpse of her action and he is back to catch her. However, it comes out to be the entry of Doctor Strange 1 villain, Mordo. He is here to kill Wanda and consume her powers. 

While Wanda learns about Mordo’s intentions, she turns completely violent and murders Mordo brutally. At this point in time, we know that this is not the Wanda we saw in Infinity War or other Marvel ventures. The Darkhold book has turned her into a complete evil, who only seeks for powers to revive her children. 

Now, the scene shifts to Kamar-Raj, where we see that America Chavez and Rintrah have developed a good bonding. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange gets another dream where he finds the deadly appearance of Wanda Maximoff. He witnesses how brutally she murdered Mordo. Finally, Strange learns that Wanda was the main culprit behind the multiversal chaos.

Meanwhile, Wanda gets a glimpse that Doctor Strange has already cast some light on the truth and she gears up to land her final blow. 

Wanda attacks Kamar-Taj and brutally kills tons of sorcerers. Coming from Sam Raimi, we know how dark these battles can get. Though Wanda manages to demolish every soul who comes in her way, America Chavez, Doctor Strange and Wong try to escape. As defeating full-powered Wanda was nearly impossible for them. 

However, Wong gets caught off. But Dr. Strange and Chavez teleport themselves to an unknown dimension. Here the audience will get one more shock. 

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers reveals it’s the universe of Tony Stark aka Iron-Man. In this world, Tony has managed to fulfill the dreams he had in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He is the most influential and powerful soul in his universe. 

However, this time it’s not Robert Downey Junior in the shoes of Iron-Man as Tom Cruise is the superhero of this universe. On the other hand, we will see Captain America as President America in this Universe (something we witnessed in the episodes of What If…?).

As the story slides off, we are introduced to defender Mordo from Illuminati and we all know, the Illuminati team is responsible for supervising the entities who break the laws of the multiverse and travel between them. 

So, defender Mordo arrests Dr. Strange and Chavez and drag them to the complete team of the Illuminati. Here the audience will get a heartbreak witnessing all the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cameo characters together. Excited to know who is coming? Check out this article here. 

So, all these cameo characters are a part of the Illuminati and they decide to keep Dr. Strange and America Chavez behind the bars. However, Stephen starts showering countless requests and elaborates the story of how Wanda Maximoff, an Avenger from his universe is gearing up to travel between different dimensions to kill the most powerful people and steal their energies. 

After hearing the story of Dr. Strange, Charles Xavier appears a bit tense. So, what will be the reaction of Illuminatis? And how will they deal with the upcoming multiversal chaos? Let’s wait for the movie to unleash these mysteries. 

Doctor Strange 2 Plot Ending Explained!!

At this point in time, the audience is far away from the MCU world. We are in a new universe, where we found Doctor Strange and America Chavez in the clutches of the Illuminati team. So, what’s next? 

The Illuminati kept America Chavez in a prison, as she was the one who helped Doctor Strange break the multi-dimensional barriers and allowed him to travel between universes. 

Meanwhile, Doctor Strange was still trying to elaborate his story to the Illuminatis, conveying to them about the major threat titled Wanda Maximoff from the MCU timeline, knocking at their doors. 

Here we notice Charles Xavier a bit more tense as he knew that there is a Wanda Maximoff in his universe, who is actually Magneto’s daughter in this universe. Moreover, she is enjoying a happy life with her kids. 

Meanwhile, defender Mordo desires to kill Doctor Strange as his universe’s Doctor Strange destroyed his world and one of his wrong decisions blew away the universe. 

Then the story switches to the happy Wanda Maximoff in this universe. However, till the time the Illuminatis reached his universe’s Wanda, the evil Wanda from MCU dragged her into a world of darkness. The MCU Wanda possessed the body and mind of this universe’s Wanda. 

Till this time, the X-Men teams step into the scene and we will witness some of the most iconic characters on our screens. However, the powers of MCU Wanda was so deep that even the Illuminatis and the X-Men together could not bar her. 

Evil Wanda possessed the mind of this universe’s Wanda and compelled her to kill everyone. However, Professor X tried to play his mind games to help this universe’s Wanda escape from the clutches of evil Wana. But, ultimately he fails. 

So, Magneto tries to make the last attempt and being the father of this universe’s Wanda, he attacks her emotionally. Magneto helps Wanda recall past memories to allow her to escape from the shackles of darkness. While his attempts initially start to show some results as Wanda was recalling everything, the evil Wanda kills Magneto. She not only kills him, but she erases Magneto’s complete existence.

By this time, MCU Wanda Maximoff has completely absorbed the dark energies from the Darkhold book. She has turned to a complete evil with some decaying looks, much like the Wanda featured in the comics – Marvel Zombie.

In between all this chaos, Christine Palmer’s variant of this universe helps Doctor Strange and America Chavez to escape. However, once Wanda gets the news, she starts chasing them. 

America Chavez once again breaks the multiversal barriers to step into another universe. However, like before, one of the trio gets into the clutches of Wanda and this time, it was America Chavez herself. 

Meanwhile, we witness Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer’s variant getting stuck into an unknown universe. This universe is completely devastated, and it features a destroyed New York (the one we saw in the official trailer). 

Here we are introduced to the Doctor Strange Supreme or the Evil Doctor Strange, who reveals that one of his wrong decisions has turned this universe into ashes. (Like the one we saw in What If…? Episode 4). 

Now, there is a scene cut and we are transported to the Kamar-Taj in the MCU timeline. Here, Rintrah assembles the remaining Sorcerers to prevent Wanda from achieving her goals. In the meantime, Evil Wanda traps America Chavez and returns to the MCU timeline. 

She again attacks Kamar-Taj to completely destroy it. However, this time destiny has its own plans. Like last time, this time too, her attacks were brutal, and she killed tons of sorcerers. But eventually, a sorcerer sacrificed his life to destroy the Darkhold book. 

So, what’s next? Will we get the good Wanda back in the MCU timeline? On the other hand, what’s waiting for MCU’s Doctor Strange as he has already stepped into the clutches of evil Doctor Strange? 

Keep an eye on our website to get your answers as we will update the content once we get any solid evidence on the plot in the upcoming days. 


Now that you have read all the Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers, let us know what you feel about the plot? Will it be a big hit like Infinity War? 

Keep an eye on our website as we will keep on updating the content, in case we get any spoilers on the ending. Bookmark our page to get all the updates first. 


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