Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit: Who Dies In Game Of Madness?

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit!! 

“The world needs superheroes”. So, Doctor Strange is here with his brand new adventures in the multiverse. If you are curious to get some amazing Doctor Strange 2 spoilers Reddit, here is all we know so far. 

Doctor Strange 2 is in theatres, giving fans yet another superhero film to satisfy their insatiable need for superheroes facing ever-increasing difficulties. 

However, not all heroes overcome such odds, and there are several character fatalities in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Many heroes are being killed off, making it difficult to keep up. A complete list of Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit can be found below.

Does Defender Strange Die In Multiverse Of Madness?

Defender Strange is killed in battle at the beginning of the film. Defender Strange is killed by a demon sent by Wanda, who stabbings him and injects him with poison. 

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit
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Why The Illuminatis Killed Doctor Strange’s 838 Variant?

The Illuminati killed Doctor Strange (Variant 838) after being corrupted by the Darkhold, which resulted in the devastation of a whole universe and the deaths of billions of people. Doctor Strange abandoned the Darkhold and let his erstwhile comrades execute him.

How Did Wanda Kill Black Bolt? 

Wanda murdered the Black Bolt by severing his mouth. Then, Black Bolt blasted a hole in his head due to his amazement. His commanding tone failed. 

Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit
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Is Mister Fantastic John Krasinski’s Son Forever Dead?

Wanda stated unequivocally that she was going to murder Mister Fantastic. She threatened to tear the stretchable guy if his children still had a mother to nurture them when he was gone. 

While the Earth-383 version of Mister Fantastic is no longer alive, there’s always the possibility that an Earth-616 version of him will appear in the MCU in the future.

Does Captain Carter Die In Doctor Strange 2?

If we talk about the Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit, Captain Carter uses her shield to murder herself. Captain Carter’s torso is sliced in half when Wanda sends the protection hurtling back at her.

Is Strange Supreme Dead?

Strange Supreme’s third eye opens and focuses on Christine before the action concludes, despite Doctor Strange sending him flying out of a window and crashing on a railing pierces him. As a result, this Strange will probably reappear.


Wanda crushes her beneath a statue after besting Captain Marvel with strong magic beams. However, her fate is still unclear. 

Charles Xavier (PROFESSOR X) Dies In What Manner? 

Charles Xavier is detected in his deed. Wanda snaps his neck while attempting to save the form of Wanda that the Scarlet Witch is controlling.


Scarlet Witch goes to Kamar-Taj to kidnap America Chavez after failing to persuade Doctor Strange to hand her over. Most of the Masters of the Mystic Arts perish, trying to protect themselves from Wanda. 

By the end of the film, Kamar-Taj has been rebuilt, but the “Battle of Kamar-Taj” has claimed many lives as per Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Reddit.

Strange Evil

Scarlet Witch captures America Chavez in the third act of Multiverse of Madness. She uses her power to transport Doctor Strange and the Illuminati scientist version of Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) to a bleak universe where a Strange variant used the Darkhold to destroy the Earth. 

That “Evil Strange” ends up battling MCU Strange (with magical musical notes, no less) and is murdered when a window of the Evil Sanctum Santorum is blasted out, impaling him on the fence below.

Make sure to stay tuned to get more Doctor Strange 2 spoilers Reddit in the future. Happy watching!! 

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