Disney+ May Have Bigger Twists For Moon Knight Layla! Here Is Everything We Know 

Layla may be playing a bigger part in Moon Knight than she realizes. She has the capacity to become a superhero or a villain, according to a new theory. Disney may have bigger twists for Moon Knight Layla. Here is everything we know so far. 

Moon Knight Layla
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Moon Knight Unveils The Ultimate Twist

On Disney+, Moon Knight has been a huge hit. When Mark Spector and Steven Grant’s story debuted in late March and audiences across the globe were taken by surprise by its unexpected twists and turns. But in a recent episode, viewers learned that a small character may be connected to a far broader story than she knows herself. It has been hypothesized that Layla, Marc’s estranged wife, may be connected to a comic book character known as The Scarlet Scarab during a recent episode of New Rockstars.

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Disney May Have Bigger Twists For Moon Knight Layla

Moon Knight Layla
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Moon Knight’s Layla El-Faouly, portrayed by May Calamawy, has always been an enigma due to the fact that she is a wholly unique character created just for the show. She and Mark Spector were formerly partners in crime, and the implication that they were searching for a rare scarab artifact prior to the start of the story is proven. It’s become clear via Layla’s recollections of Abdul El-Faouly that Marc was there at the time of his death and was mainly responsible for it, as she’s revealed in future episodes about her father.

What Did The Comic Book Showed? 

Moon Knight Layla

Invaders, a comic book released in the 1970s, was the first place this character, known as Abdul Faoul, debuted. Having been Egypt’s protector, Abdul Faoul was able to take on the likes of Captain America and Namor the Sub-Mariner in the 1940s and 1950s because of a ruby-colored scarab artifact. 

When he realized that the powers he was working with had malicious intentions, he teamed up with the Invaders to fulfill their mission, which he began as an adversary. After that, he dedicated the remainder of his life to guarding Egypt and passing the scarab on to his son, Mehemet, who continued the tradition.

Even if some viewers didn’t realize it at first glance, Layla’s scarab-branded bandage in Episode 4 “The Tomb” hints at a connection between the two characters, based on their surnames and Layla’s statement that she’s “his little scarab.” 

It seems that Moon Knight Layla is being prepared to inherit her father’s superhuman powers, including super-strength, flight, and energy blasts, as well as the ability to use them. Moon Knight Layla’s fighting skills have already been shown to be more than enough throughout the short season of the limited series, thus giving her superhuman abilities will only help her further her position as a superhero amongst other superheroes, villains, and deities.

However, it’s conceivable that this is only a teaser or a random coincidence. Then then, Moon Knight Layla may be able to enhance her skills and fight alongside. At the time of their most recent encounter, Layla was furious with Marc because he had taken an unidentified partner to an archaeological dig, where the partner, according to Marc, later executed her father for unclear reasons. Layla will have to decide whether or not to trust Marc again, this time with or without his talents, which might result in The Scarlet Scarab again becoming an opponent for our hero, but this time with a far deeper connection between them than ever before.

Moon Knight Layla
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Final Words On Moon Knight Layla

Just with Dane Whitman in Eternals, there are only hints as to Moon Knight Layla’s origins and the possibility that she has superhuman talents for the time being. Whatever her talents may or may not be, Layla El-Faouly is a fascinating and enthralling figure. In a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be moving in the most positive direction possible, she has been a fantastic addition.

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