Disney Confirm Inside Out 2: Here Is The Release Date, Leaks & More 

Inside Out 2 is a movie by Disney and Pixar company, and they have officially confirmed that Inside Out 2 will be out and teased the first story details only for the sequel. 

Inside Out’s first part was released in 2015, and it revolved around the inner emotions of a young girl named Riley as she was struggling very much to adjust to her family’s cross-country move to San Francisco. 

Things get more complicated when Joy and Sadness, the two opposed emotions, are caught up in a journey far away from their mental control room, and they must try to reach back to the mental room before Riley’s life is ruined.

Who led the original Inside Out?

Inside Out 2

Amy Poehler led the original Inside Out star-studded roster alongside Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Diane Lane, Richard Kind, Lewis Black, Kaitlyn Dias, and Kyle MacLachlan. 

This film was outstanding and a commercial smash when released, it grossed more than $858 million at the worldwide box office, and it also got an Oscar Award for the world’s Best Animated Feature. 

Despite the initial hesitation to the director Pete Doctor for Inside Out 2 has been said by everyone for years…, and now the audience who watched the first part of Inside Out is getting excited to get this update on its development.  

Pixar made the fans excited with announcements about Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2
Credit – Disney

As part of the D23 Expo, Disney and Pixar have already announced the release of Inside Out 2, and fans are also really excited after hearing this update. The Studio has released the first story of the sequel, in which the Film continues the journey through Riley’s mind as she gets older, she is also getting new emotions inside her, and she enters her teenage years.

Inside Out 2 Release Date 

Inside Out 2
Credit – wionews.com

The confirmed official announcement by Disney and Pixar for releasing Inside Out 2 comes on the heels of a report indicating that the sequel will be announced as part of the D23 Expo. 

And interestingly, the information is also saying that the main stars, Bill Hader and Mindy Kling, will not be coming back in their roles of Disgust and Fear for the Film and with the sources which would be starting a contract between the two great stars led to their departures, despite that the Studio is reported increasing their offer. 


Teasing the new emotions, Amy Poehler has introduced during the new Inside Out 2 announcement and is sure to leave some wondering whether there would be a change in plans after Kaling and Hader exits, or was this always the plan for the Film?

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