Disney Buys Dragon Ball Z!! Is Disney Making Dragon Ball Z Movie?

The breaking news says that Disney buys Dragon Ball Z. So, can we expect a live-action Dragon Ball Z movie? Well, things are not so easy. Here is everything we know about Disney’s latest purchase. 

In March 2019, we saw the biggest merger in the entertainment world. Disney revealed that the company has acquired 21st Century Fox Studios. This means Disney has got its hands on all the assets of the studio, including the big names like X-Men, Fantastic Four, and more. So, what about Dragon Ball Z? The anime series too came under the banner of 21st Century Fox Studios. So, did Disney buy Dragon Ball Z? Here is all we know. 

Disney Buys Dragon Ball Z!! 

Disney Buys Dragon Ball Z
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Well, the news is true. Disney now has the rights of Dragon Ball Z and the deal is done with utmost secrecy. Dragon Ball Z is an emotion for every anime fan. It’s one of the longest anime and manga series that has impressed the audience with its quality content. However, Disney’s involvement may take the series’ popularity to a new level. Marvel is an example of Disney’s potential. 

Disney picked Marvel from the ashes and transformed it into a multi-billion dollar franchise. So, will this happen with Dragon Ball Z too? Will Disney plan something epic with the Dragon Ball franchise? 

Now that the news that says Disney buys Dragon Ball Z has gone viral, the anime fans have high expectations. They have been craving a live-action Dragon Ball movie for years. So, will Disney deliver a Dragon Ball Z live-action movie in the future?

Is Disney Making Dragon Ball Z Movie?

Disney Buys Dragon Ball Z
Credit – TheThings.com

Well, if you are not aware of the fact that 21st Century Fox is the owner of Dragon Ball Z, let us tell you, it was the production house behind Dragon Ball Evolution (2009). However, the movie turned out to be a big flop. The film was so terrible that the Dragon Ball’s original creator had to compensate for it by delivering Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013). 

So, now with Disney acquiring the rights of the parent company, the fans are curious whether there will be a new live-action Dragon Ball movie or not? So, here is the answer. 

Though the news that Disney buys Dragon Ball Z is verified, there is a small catch. Disney has acquired the rights of Dragon Ball Z, but not the complete Dragon Ball franchise. It has only got its hands on the rights to weave a live-action Dragon Ball movie and distribute it all over the globe. 

While the Japanese animated series is under the control of Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, and Shueisha, the English-dubbed version’s rights are still under Funimation. 

Disney Buys Dragon Ball Z

Apart from that, when it comes to Dragon Ball Super, the series is produced by Toei Animation, while Shueisha owns the rights to the show. 

However, if we talk about the super-hit anime movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, Disney will have the distribution rights. 

As per the latest rumors, Disney is secretly working on a live-action Dragon Ball Z project. A source revealed, “I heard this rumor a few days ago that Disney is planning to start a new Dragon Ball live-action franchise with the hope of replicating the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

So, what do you think, will Disney bring a new Dragon Ball franchise for the fans? Tell us in the comment box. 

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