The Differences Between All of the Yellowstone Shows: ‘1883,’ ‘1932,’ and Others.

What are the Differences Between All of the Yellowstone Shows- 1883, 1932, and more? Here is all we know.

The Yellowstone world continues to grow! Taylor Sheridan introduced fans to Kevin Costner’s Paramount Network series in June 2018, and it’s since become a major hit. 

“I can’t keep up with all their accomplishments,” Kevin said of all the shows in March 2022 on Entertainment Tonight. “All I do is show up and put on the hat.” I’ve appreciated having the opportunity to do it, and we’ll see how long that lasts.”

Major Differences Between Yellowstone 1883, 1932, And More 

Taylor revealed the original concept of the show in 2018

The Bodyguard actor plays John Dutton, the proprietor of the fictional Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in Montana, in Yellowstone. His children, Kayce, Bethany, and Jamie, are played by Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley, respectively.



Differences Between All of the Yellowstone Shows
Credit Image:- Differences Between All of the Yellowstone Shows

“It was the idea of a man who had inherited this vast cow ranch from the seventh family and had come to terms with his own mortality, and who could he trust to shepherd this ranch into the next generation?” 

And when you have a piece of land this size, it’s virtually a kingdom,” creator Taylor told Variety in June 2018 about his original concept for the show. After Yellowstone regained its feet, plans for spinoffs began to emerge.

The first was 1883, which aired on Paramount+ in December 2021 and starred Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

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The next glimpse to be more thrilled and delighted

After the show’s final episode aired in February 2022, Taylor told Deadline, “I constructed this glimpse through time to show you this one special voyage.” “On to the next glimpse through the window,” says the narrator.

I also wanted to make something that you could see and feel absolutely thrilled and delighted with, even if you had never seen Yellowstone before. 

Differences Between All of the Yellowstone Shows
Image Differences Between All of the Yellowstone Shows

Allow it to exist on its own terms. Yes, there are some true Easter eggs, and understanding you can take away from it for Yellowstone aficionados, and it affects the way you watch Yellowstone. That model appeals to me.

As a storyteller, it feels like it’s coming to a conclusion. I’m going to look through a window from another time period and see what I see.”

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