Did Mike Wolfe Confirm American Pickers Season 24? When Is It Coming? 

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How have you been? I hope you’re doing well and keeping safe. Did you miss us? Because we missed you so bad. So among this festive vibe, we are here to update you guys with this trending news! Ah, so it’s about American Pickers Season 24! 

American Pickers is a series loved immensely by fans

American Pickers Season 24

Yes, we can watch these fantastic series over and over again. Everyone has been pulling up the collection of Americana over the past 50+ years, I guess! If so, then Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz May visit you one day. 

The Midwestern pickers travel across America in search of rare artifacts and national treasures that they can buy from the collectors they see and then sell in their antique shops.

Oh yes, with the guys willing to buy anything old, their particular interests include items having to do with the auto industry and so on, too—Aah, trust us, these series are loved by one and all, and it has a huge fan following! 

Is this American television series show your favorite?

There’s something super fascinating about this show. Oh, and now this recent trending news is just making everyone gaga for apparent reasons. 

Imagine, if the previous seasons were loved and liked by so many, how come a new season comes, and hype won’t be created? 

Confirmation from Mike Wolfe about Season 24!

American Pickers Season 24
Credit – raditotimes.com

Yes, he dropped a significant update on Instagram on August 13th that American Picker’s Season 24 production has begun. Isn’t it such great news? 

We are already so excited and now can’t wait to see how the upcoming season will be! 

Yes, we are keeping our fingers crossed that by the end of Season 23, we shall soon receive an update for the same, too. Who wouldn’t be excited to see Mike Wolfe? 

Ah, we can’t hold our excitement! We love how passionate Mike Wolfe for the show is, and this is the only reason, till now, fans haven’t tried watching 23 seasons! Isn’t this such great news?

Mike Wolfe makes the fans more curious about the American Pickers Season 24!

American Pickers Season 24
Credit – looper.com

Yes, we are hoping to receive more updates on this. After all, we can binge on watching the American Pickers series anytime, anywhere of the day! 


So guys, comment below whether you are excited for American Pickers Season 24. Stay tuned because we’ll be back soon with some trending news. 

How can we think of disappointing, you guys? Do follow us! Sayonara, and yes, we love you loads, Virtual Family! But one thing is for sure, American Pickers Season 24 will be super thrilling and exciting!  

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