Did Makee Die in Halo Season 1?

Makee, also known as the Blessed One by the Covenant, had a vital role in the Halo live-action TV series’ first season. She was vital to the Covenant not just because she could connect with the artefacts, but also because she was Master Chief’s romantic interest. However, some viewers may be perplexed as to what happened to her in the season 1 conclusion. Did Makee die in Halo Season 1 finale? Here is all we know. 

Die Makee Die In Halo Season 1 Finale?

Did Makee Die in Halo Season 1
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If you are confused about – did Makee die in Halo Season 1. Yes, Makee seemed to die in the Halo season finale, according to the evidence. Kai shot her in the centre of the chest to break Master Chief out of the trance-like condition he was in while he and Makee were in their own plane of awareness.

Making the decision to kill off Makee in the first season was an intriguing one for the Halo showrunners since it allows the series to keep true to what has previously been revealed in the games. It’ll be interesting to watch how this affects Master Chief in the future, especially if he returns to his former personality when Cortana regains control of his body.

Is It True That Makee Perished In The Halo Season 1 Finale?

Did Makee Die in Halo Season 1

It’s no secret that the Halo series is chock-full of extras you won’t find in the games. Makee, who the Covenant refers to as the Blessed One, is one of the most notable additions to the live-action series. Makee, like Master Chief, is a human who can interact with artifacts and is likely capable of using Forerunner technology as well.

The Covenant dispatched Makee to the UNSC to recover the artefacts earlier in the series. When she led a Covenant attack on the UNSC at Eridanus II, she was successful in retrieving the one.

Makee was able to form a relationship with Master Chief during her stay in Reach. When John and Makee touched the item, their consciousnesses were transported to another plane of reality that only they could access. That’s when they realized they were two of the same species. As Master Chief learnt to trust Makee, they were able to build a relationship that finally turned love.

When Miranda Keyes found that Makee was behind one of the Covenant’s UNSC attacks, the Blessed One had no choice but to escape Reach with the Madrigal relic. As the Prophets were on their way to join the two treasures, she was able to safely return to the Covenant.

Unbeknownst to them, Master Chief’s Silver Team penetrated the planet and killed several of its sentinels unnoticed. However, after the two relics were united, Master Chief fell into a trance-like state created by the artefacts. As a result, the Covenant Elites were summoned to assault the four Spartans, blowing their cover.

Makee had to touch the relics again when the Spartans arrived to the temple where they were held to save Master Chief, who was going to be murdered by an extra-large Covenant Brute. Some Covenant warriors were blown away by the artefacts’ response, while the Halo’s whereabouts were exposed. Of course, the artefacts transferred John and Makee to a separate level of consciousness while Master Chief was rendered ineffective during a violent combat against the Covenant, identical to what happened in Reach.

John explained that he had to return to the Silver Team because they needed him, but she maintained that they both belonged there. As Makee and Master Chief’s consciousness returned to their bodies, she began gushing out of her chest.

Who Killed Makee In Halo Season 1 Finale?

Did Makee Die in Halo Season 1
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Now that you got your answer about – did Makee die in Halo Season 1, you may be curious to know who is her murderer? Well here is the answer. 

The other Spartans were in a difficult situation while Master Chief and Makee were both out of their bodies and in a separate level of awareness. After being beaten down by the big Brute that none of them could defeat, Riz was seriously hurt. Vannak, on the other hand, was out of alternatives and urged Kai to wake Master Chief awake.

Kai shot Makee in the chest because she had no other choice at the time, hoping that she would stop touching the artefact and Master Chief’s awareness would return to his body. As a result, Kai was the one who killed Makee.

Kai killed Makee not because she wanted to, but because she didn’t have any other choice. Riz was seriously hurt, and Vannak was the only one who could keep the Covenant warriors at bay. They needed Master Chief to push back the other soldiers, collect the relic, and return to Reach in one piece. 

Kai had no option but to shoot and murder Makee since John refused to wake up.

The Brutes, also known as the Jiralhanae, are bipedal ape-like aliens famed for their strength and close combat proficiency. The Prophets consider the Brutes to be among the most trustworthy Covenant aliens since they are both formidable in combat and loyal to them. The Brutes were the ones that blocked Silver Team’s path to the artefact in Halo’s first season.

So, in case you were wondering – did Makee die in Halo Season 1 finale and who killed her, we hope you got your answers. Make sure to stay tuned for more interesting articles in the future. 

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