Did Eddie Die In Stranger Things??? 

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We are here today with the sole purpose of knowing about our new fav, who made his debut in Season 4 Volume 1, Eddie. Did Eddie die in Stranger Things??

Warning Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2!!!

Journey of Eddie – The New Fav!!

We did witness the story of Chrissy and Eddie, the short-lived one. We were expecting love to bloom between the two, but I guess Vecna had other plans!!! The all-time favorite cheerleader of Hawkins, Chrissy, couldn’t survive Vecna and brutally lost her life!!

After that, Eddie runs away from everyone as he is considered the prime suspect in Chrissy’s death. 

In the episode where Chrissy lost her life, we did see Eddie and Chrissy sharing some cute moments, and then Eddie returns to see Chrissy is no more!! So now the question arises: Did Eddie die in Stranger Things?

Did Eddie Die In Stranger Things? 

Did Eddie Die In Stranger Things

We all had many apprehensions before the release of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 and were pondering how brutal volume 2 will be after looking at 1. With the release of Stranger Things!! Will our favorite characters survive? Will El beat Vecna? Did Eddie die in Stranger Things??

The Big Battle – All in Volume 2

Did Eddie Die In Stranger Things
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After volume 1, we could guess the intentions set for volume 2. It indeed was to end the Big Bad Vecna. In the entire season 4, we witnessed Vecna killing Hawkins’s teens for unknown reasons! 

But then we found out it was to serve his cruel purpose of merging the Upside Down with the natural world!! To stop Vecna, the gang Hawkins decides to make a plan and end the acts of Vecna and himself. 

Eddie is a part of this plan, where Eddie and Dustin have to keep the Democrats engaged and away from the Creel House. The preps for the same are completed with a loud amplifier and a guitar away from the Creel House, where Eddie performs an epic solo on the roof of his trailer. 

Did Eddie Die In Stranger Things
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But somehow, the bats find a way to enter the trailer, and that’s when Dustin and Eddie plan their escape to their dimension. Though Dustin manages to escape, Eddie plays the real hero here. He decides to keep the Demobats away from the Creel House for a more extended period via a longer distraction so that other team members are safe and continue their journey to Vecna. 

In his attempt, he can keep the Demobats away, and by the time Dustin tries to save Eddie by re-entering the Upside Down, the Democrats are dead, and Eddie succumbs to his injuries in the arms of Dustin!! That was a heartbreaking moment for all of us!! 


Yeah, the sad news to the question “Did Eddie Die in Stranger Things” is YES, he died a heroic death, and we are sad about it!! 

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