Deliver Us Mars Release Date Out!! Here Is All We Know About The Trailer & Gameplay!! 

In 2022, science-fiction games are all the rage, and the variety of them that have been announced and published demonstrates it. One of them is Deliver Us Mars. So, what’s the Deliver Us Mars release date? Here is all we know. 

Fans have a wide range of options for their space adventures, with titles like “Starfield,” “The Outer Worlds,” “Dolmen,” and “The Callisto Protocol” among them. 

“Deliver Us Mars” aims to join the list of titles, and based on everything seen at the PC Gaming Show in 2022, it might be one of the year’s best games. This article will tell you everything about Deliver Us Mars release date, gameplay & more.

Deliver Us Mars Sneak Peek 

Deliver Us Mars is the upcoming atmospheric sci-fi adventure game from publisher Frontier Foundry and developer KeokeN Interactive. Deliver Us Mars is the sequel to Deliver Us Moon. 

The game sends players to the Red Planet, where they must face new challenges in their mission to save humankind from extinction, as the title suggests. 

Deliver Us Mars Release Date

During the Future Games Show’s digital showcase in 2022, Deliver Us Mars was unveiled, along with the first set of information about what it provides. 

There will be more to learn about the game in the coming months, but for now, here’s everything we know, including Deliver us Mars release date, gameplay, and more.

Deliver Us Mars Release Date, Gameplay & More!! 

Deliver Us Mars release date is September 27, 2022, on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

Deliver Us Mars is set 10 years after the Fortuna mission and shows humanity on the verge of extinction. 

As the Zephyr crew responds to a mysterious distress call from Mars, you step into the shoes of Kathy Johnson, who joins the team. 

Deliver Us Mars Release Date
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It’s up to you and your loyal ASE drone to recover the ARK colony ships, stolen by an unknown organization known as the outward, and prevent the collapse of humanity after crash-landing on the Red Planet. Isaac, Kathy’s father, joined Outward when the organization fled to Mars, and she has a personal interest in joining.

Deliver Us Mars features a hand-crafted environment with a harsh landscape. When physical barriers block your path to your goal, you’ll need to complete demanding brain challenges and put your climbing axes to good use. 

You’ll do a launch sequence inside a spaceship and scuba dive, and float in zero gravity.

Is There The Deliver US Mars Trailer?

Thankfully, “Deliver Us Mars” has several trailers for enthusiasts to explore. The initial video, released in May 2022, explained the game and how it connected to the previous installment in the series. 

“Deliver Us Mars” takes place ten years after the end of “Deliver Us the Moon,” according to Game Director Koen Deetman, and involves exploring Mars after a distress signal arrives.

“Deliver Us Mars” is focused on discovering technology to assist Earth, whereas the original game centers on gathering resources. According to its website, KeokeN Interactive aims to build realistic games by creating immersive experiences. 


The “Deliver Us Mars” release date is September 27, 2022, so the fans will not have to wait long to play it. 

Besides current and next-generation consoles, the game will also be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. So get ready for this upcoming game & for more such updates, keep following our blog. 

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