Death Note Season 2 Release Date Out? Here Are Some Major Spoilers Revealed!!

After the immense success of Death Note Season 1, the anime fans have been clamoring to know Death Note Season 2 release date. However, the creators have kept all details on the new season under the shadow. 

But, finally, the arrival of a new installment in Death Note manga has fuelled the hype for Death Note’s new season again. Death Note Season 2 is trending again in the anime world. Whether it’s Twitter or anime forums, the fans are showering their questions on the new season of Death Note. 

Death Note Season 2 Release Date
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So, will Death Note have a Season 2? Sassyshow has grabbed the official leaks from the sources and here is everything you need to know. 

Death Note Season 1 Recap

“Death Note” Season 1 turned out to be one of the biggest projects curated by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. Its been also 16 years, still the fans are not over it. They are still carving to see the new season of Death Note.

Dropping Death Note Season 1 on our screens, back in 2006, the franchise already won the hearts of the true anime lovers. With 37 super entertaining episodes, the first season was an instant hit. 

The fans showered their love on the show and it got 8.6/10 stars on MyAnimeList. So, it’s pretty obvious that witnessing such a high popularity of a show, the fans were expecting Death Note Season 2. 

However, the creators kept on delaying the release of the new season and ultimately shelved it. So, it’s been almost sixteen years and the fans are still curious to know about Death Note Season 2 release date. 

So, will there be Death Note Season 2? Let’s find out. 

Death Note Season 2 Renewal Status – Will Death Note Have A Season 2?

It’s been a long long time since the fans are waiting to see the official sequel of Death Note. They have stormed the social media handles of the creators and anime forums posting their questions on Death Note. As of now, there are tons of fan theories and rumors regarding the new season of Death Note. 

However, till now, there are no official confirmation from the creators. So, we still don’t know whether the sequel of Death Note is happening or not. But make sure to keep an eye on our page, as we will be the first to update you in case there is Death Note Season 2. 

Why Is Death Note Season 2 Delayed?

It’s been over fifteen years, the fans are counting for the new installment of Death Note. So, what took Madhouse so much time to bring one more exciting season of Death Note?

Though the first season was a blockbuster, why did the creators delay Death Note Season 2? Well, the answer is pretty simple. It was due to the lack of source material. The official manga of Death Note had only 108 chapters distributed under 12 volumes. 

Moreover, Death Note Season 1 running for over 37 episodes, pretty much exhausted the complete storyline in the manga. So, due to the lack of a proper story, the creators had to delay the show. 

But finally, a new hope of light has landed. Death Note manga has officially included a new installment titled, “Death Note: Special One Shot”. It features a brand new story that comes with a time-lapse of ten years after the events surrounding Kira. 

So, this may lead to a new start for the anime franchise and Death Note Season 2 may feature a brand new story. Though as of now, there is no official statement from the creators, Sassyshows is trying to squeeze out some exciting news. 

Therefore, make sure to stay connected as we will share some fresh news on Death Note Season 2 really soon. 

Death Note Season 2 Release Date
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Death Note Season 2 Release Date – When Will The New Season Drop?

Death Note Season 2 is not yet confirmed by the creators. So, as of now, there is no Death Note Season 2 release date available. However, with the addition of new chapters in the manga, we can expect a big announcement really soon. So, stay connected with our website to get all fresh updates. 

Death Note Season 2 Spoilers 

There is no official synopsis of Death Note Season 2. However, with the addition of new chapters in the official manga, we can expect that the creators will pick up the same storyline. 

Death Note Season 1 also followed the thrilling story of Light Yagami, right from the official manga. So, the new season will most likely pick up the story from the manga. 

In that case, Season 2 with be based on “Death Note: Special One-Shot.” The story will focus on the return of Ryuk as he will step into the human world. He interacts with Minoru Tanaka, a middle school student, and offers him the ‘Death Note.’ So, what will this lead to? 

Death Note Season 2 Release Date
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Death Note Season 2 Synopsis 

Here is the official synopsis of the latest manga chapter – 

When Shinigami Ryuk returns to the human world after almost ten years, he hands over the Death Note to the top-scoring student in Japan. He believes this student will follow in the footsteps of Light Yagami. However, he is shocked when the student returns the notebook and warns him to return within two years. So, what’s coming next…?” 

Final Words 

We will update our website with the official Death Note Season 2 release date. So, make sure you keep in touch and bookmark our page to get all updates first. Happy watching!!


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