Death In Paradise Spinoff is Returning With An Unexpected Blast!! 

Well, we have to reread it twice thrice because this news just surprised us. How is it even possible? Like really? Yes, people. It’s approved and confirmed that the Death in Paradise spinoff is coming by the BBC and BritBox International. 

But, do you think we are done here? No! We also want you to know that not only this much, but it’s confirmed that none other than Kris Marshall, aka DI Humphrey Goodman, is all set to star, too—Good news? Indeed, it is!

What is the Death in Paradise series all about?

Death In Paradise Spinoff
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It’s a British French crime drama television series created by Robert Thorogood starring Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, and so on. 

The series was filmed on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and was broadcasted on BBC One in the UK, France 2 in France, Prime in New Zealand, and so on. 

The fans have enjoyed watching this series. DIP viewers have constantly been increasing, and viewers can’t wait until the next news on 29th June 2022 surprises everyone! 

Did you know this about the Death in Paradise Series?

Death In Paradise Spinoff
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This show is a worth-watching series; as you guys would have assumed if the Death in Paradise spinoff is coming after so many episodes, this truly means how crazy the fans would be. Right? 

The show is licensed to more than 230 territories and is often the best-performing drama on the BBC. Its most-watched episode, series six premiere Erupting in Murder, pulled in more than 9 million viewers. 

In comparison, last year’s series averaged 8.14 million weekly viewers, making it the most-watched show of the day—Can you beat that? It looks like the fans will go crazy for yeh upcoming Death In Paradise spinoff, too!

The series was filmed in the Guadeloupe Islands. The story is about a British detective trying to discover who killed a British Police Officer on the fictional island of Saint Marie. This show is the most loved series and one of the best ones recommended on Netflix!

Yes, people, it was announced that the Death in Paradise spinoff, called “Beyond Paradise,” is coming for sure. 

How much excited are we to see the returns of Humphrey Goodman and his GF Martha Lloyd as they enjoy life in Britain, you can’t even imagine. 

It looks like we have already started daydreaming. Death in Paradise starts filming Christmas specials and series 12 as the couple would be seen navigating their new life together. DIP Ralf Little also reveals his initial reaction to Josephine Jobert’s shock exit. And now we can’t wait to see what Martha is up to next?

Are you excited for the Death in Paradise Spinoff?

Death In Paradise Spinoff
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We have already started imagining what will happen in the next one. Looks like even you, our lively audience, would have, too? Any guesses about how the Death in Paradise spinoff is going to be led? Any suspense or scene which you want the series to have? Stay tuned, and don’t forget to give us your recommendations in the comment section below. 

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