DC and Marvel Characters Who Look Like Imitation

DC and Marvel Characters

We all know the rivalry between DC and Marvel and their history together. Although sharing the comics and superhero stage for decades and never ending debate of which comic universe is better, they also had similarities in their characters over the years.

The mind can run out of ideas for inspiration and start to intimidate. Some similarities can not escape the eyes, and some are just some common imitations that make the comparison of the characters more interesting. 

Hawkeye and Green Arrow

DC and Marvel Characters
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This one is the most resonating one. The Hawkeye character was written in 1964 by marvel comics, and Green Arrow came in 1941. Even though the difference that meets the eye is only arrows and bows, the characters are very similar in the mental space. Both are shown of the rebellious kind and come out of rather an inescapable situation. What can be the most inescapable situation? Death, yes, both the characters have died and come back again.

Quicksilver and Flash

DC and Marvel Characters
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Although Marvel’s Character in the MCU has died, his role has ended. It shared the same quality as DC’s Flash. Both were fast as lightning, and their respective reasons for their talents have been quite different.

Quicksilver was born with the X-gene, which means he can run from birth at supersonic speed. But on the other hand, Barry Allen, AKA Flash, was a part of a scientific experiment and gained power by the Speed Force.

Deathstroke and Deadpool

DC and Marvel Characters
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Both Deathstroke and Deadpool have been fan favorites and gained a lot of popularity. This popularity has gained the attention of them having a lot of superpowers in common. They are quite ruthless on the battlefield and have their common healing ability. Deadpool’s fast healing ability has helped him one-on-one with many strong adversaries. Deathstroke’s keen brain and battle IQ have helped him overcome his powerful opponents.

Superman and Hyperion

DC and Marvel Characters
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Superman is the strongest character in the DC universe, and Marvel also has their counterpart. Both Superman and Hyperion share the same story. Krypton was destroyed, and Hyperion was sent to Earth-616 as he was the only one left of his crew, The Eternals. They both also share similarities in skills and powers.

Catwoman and Black Widow

DC and Marvel Characters
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This one is surprising, but trust us, they share many of the same talents. Both Catwoman and the Black Widow were the side chicks that became the fan favorites. They later went on to become famous superheroes.

 Both of them do not have any super special skills sets. They both are good at martial arts and combat. Both of them have strong skills in using the automations and guns. Catwoman and Blackwidow are now among the most fan-favorite female superhero leads.

Batman and Iron Man

DC and Marvel Characters

Here comes the most interesting and talked about character’s similarity tradeoff. Batman and Ironman are the most famous Superheroes in DC and Marvel. Both the heroes have immense wealth generated from their family business and name. Both have a helping hand. Batman has Alfred, and Iron man created his own Alfred, Jarvis.

They both are quite arrogant and cocky for their money and sharp intellect. Both have succeeded in manufacturing Hitech technology and created their superpower. Their resemblance in the qualities makes fans excited and always starts a battle crossover between the superheroes.

This is our list of some superhero characters that share the same qualities. Let us know what you think of them, and comment below if there are other characters that share the same superpowers and abilities.


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  1. This writing is awful – even for comic book journalism. Deadpool started as a Deathstroke parody. And “who can beat up who” is no barometer of which publisher is “better.” Ridiculous. Stupid. Take a writing class. Otherwise you’re just another geek flapping his gums.


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