Daredevil Season 4 Release Date Confirmed By Marvel Boss – Here Is All We Know

With Daredevil and other popular Marvel shows wrapping off from Netflix, the fans are pretty curious to know the Daredevil Season 4 release date. So, will there be a new season of Daredevil, and where to watch it? Here is everything we know so far. 

Daredevil Season 4 Release Date
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Will There Be Daredevil Season 4?

Fans, now you have got a reason to dance as the Marvel boss, Kevin Feige has confirmed that Daredevil is gearing up to return with a grand season 4. Yes, as per the official statements of Marvel’s boss, Charlie Cox will again walk into the shoes of Daredevil. 

Daredevil Season 4 Release Date
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Moreover, Kevin Fiege added the cherry on the cake revealing that Daredevil will officially be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to our sources, Murdock has already boarded in for the new season. 

But what is the Daredevil Season 4 release date? Here is everything we know. 

Daredevil Season 4 Release Date – Here Is The Anticipated Premiere Date 

This year, we have a bunch of Marvel Projects lined up. So, it will be pretty difficult for Daredevil Season 4 to make its way to our screens this year. 

Moreover, as of now, Marvel has just confirmed the new season and has not yet revealed anything about its release. As per our sources, the new season of Daredevil will be debuting sometime in 2023. 

However, Marvel hinted that they may delay Daredevil Season 4 and the series may debut in early 2024. So, make sure to stay tuned as we will be updating you on the Daredevil Season 4 release date. 

Daredevil Season 4 Release Date
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Where To Watch Daredevil Season 4?

While the last three seasons of Daredevil debuted on Netflix, Marvel has picked up the series from Netflix’s bucket. So, Daredevil like many other Marvel shows will be debuting on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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