D23 Marvel Announcements That Will Make Fans Swoon!! 

Hey Marvel Fans!

The Fanclub that Marvel excels to its name is something Marvel can always be proud of!! But the franchise seems to be uneasy post the Infinity Saga. 

Phase four of Marvel has produced six movies and eight series on the Disney app. The films produced have not been hitting the hit button that frequently.  

But the fans are some big D23 Marvel announcements. So, here is all we know. 

What to expect at D23?

D23 Marvel announcements

The D23 event might not be as successful as the Comic Con, but still, there are a few announcements that fans are already excited about! 

As Kevin Feige will take centre stage this weekend at D23, fans expect a lot to happen with the announcements. Right from sequels to series or characters to stories, a lot is expected from the D23 event. 

Let us go through the major announcements here:

D23 Marvel Announcements 2022 

D23 Marvel announcements
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  1. Waiting for Marvel’s First Family to Return – The fans have already been thinking and waiting about when the first family of Marvel will be returning in 2024. 
  2. Deadpool 3 is Official now – The fans were already aware that Deadpool 3 would be coming soon, and this is now official. Deadpool 3 is going to be completely different from the other MCU movies! Ryan Reynolds and the writers have already confirmed the same. 
  3. Phase Six will be all about Sequels – The expected sequels coming up in phase six are Shangi-Chi 2 and Eternals 2. We still can see the phase six slate empty. 
  4. Moon Knight’s Second Season – Though it seems a little difficult to gauge where this series would fit in the MCU, we are sure with the proper time, we shall know that too!
  5. A Sneak Peek of Thunderbolts- With the superheroes gearing up together, it’s time we might see the anti-heroes and supervillains getting together by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.
  6. The Wonderman Series Coming – With all the upcoming series on Disney+ in the coming years, the Wonderman Series too will be a part of the list of the forthcoming series.
  7. First Look of Kang The Conqueror – With the news going around, there is a possibility that fans might get the first look of MCU’s weakest franchise, Antman’s trilogy Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which will considerably kick Phase Five.
  8. World War Hulk – Post Endgame, it seems that the stage is perfectly set for World War Hulk, and MCU can officially announce this.
  9. Mutants Around?? – With Kevin Feige picking up the talks of mutants being around, maybe the possibility of it being announced by MCU ain’t far away!
D23 Marvel announcements bs
Credit – thedirect.com

Wrapping Up

We are excitedly waiting for the announcements to happen, and we are sure these might make your heart skip a beat too!! Do let us know your review!

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