Countdown To Multiverse Of Madness Has Just Begun! Here Are Some Exclusive Updates 

The countdown to Multiverse of Madness has started and the fans are incredibly excited to witness a new world of tragedy in MCU. Sassyshows is here with some exclusive updates on Doctor Strange 2

Countdown To Multiverse Of Madness Has Just Begun
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Countdown To Multiverse Of Madness Has Started!

With every new rumor popping out on the Internet, the fans are getting more anxious to watch Doctor Stephen Strange back on the screens. The new Doctor Strange movie is knocking at the doors as it is scheduled for a debut on May 6, 2022. While the fans have already started the countdown to multiverse of madness. So, we have some hot leaks for you. 

Countdown To Multiverse Of Madness Has Just Begun
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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Leaks

This is the time to explore the multiverse with Doctor strange. As with 3 rd super mistake of Doctor Stephen Strange, we have the Multiverse of Madness where the doctors meet the supreme strange in the broken time. 

As the countdown to the multiverse of madness becomes lesser, fans’ heartbeat becomes louder. The most anticipated movie of 2022 is getting released with a lot of important characters from marvel comeback starting with Loki, Wong, Carl Mordo. 

The pandemic has given a great opportunity for the marvel team to rewrite the script and bring marvel cartoon characters to life, as expected Hochitl Gomez, America Chavez is appearing in the movie. Baron Mordo Character from the last doctor stranger movie is also having an important role in this part.

Confirmed and speculated information that  Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff joins the movie and marvel keeps a secret on a twist with Wanda’s siding.  Marvel fans also expect the twist where Wanda is to be a villain as well. The prediction counts that this multiverse of madness part has to be gated opener to other parts as for coming years. 

Marvel also placed Gargantua monsters from fandom in another universe fighting the strange. We also find America Chavez appearing in American comic books published by Marvel coming in this movie getting surprises in the multiverse with Doctor strange. 

Countdown To Multiverse Of Madness Has Just Begun
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Christine Palmer is back, is getting married leaving the doctor strange single, which the scene is much emotional in this part. Countdown to the multiverse of madness is coming to end and as already the internet is filled with madness. This also shows the timeline in happing of Wanda’s vision and After the Loki series where the timekeeper is killed. 

The multiverse of madness begins after the death of the timekeeper. We were also able to see the time police door in the movie tailors. This is the time for all magical heroes to fight the broken multiverse and restore balance to the world.

All marvel fans have high expectations of the movie as marvel has promised, this movie is loaded with adventure, action, emotion, and twists. Unlike other Marvel movies, this movie is expected to have varied characters and is anticipated to have a completely different story script with different character backgrounds. 

The expectation has reached a high as the countdown to the multiverse of madness is beating as heart beats for all marvels fans. The Internet is filled with the countdown to the multiverse of madness, fans simply can’t wait anymore. 


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