Showrunners Revealed Shocking Updates On The Possibility Of Cobra Kai Season 6

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So, will there be Cobra Kai Season 6? Here is what the creators revealed!! 

A little recap of what Cobra Kai is all about

Cobra Kai is a spin-off of the original ‘80s Karate Kid movies that takes place in the present day. After the events of Karate Kid III, life moved on for Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, and while life has been kind to Daniel, it has been the very same to Johnny!

What do you think is Cobra Kai a True Story?

Let’s say, to be specific Cobra Kai is even more special since it was based on true events. While the Karate Kid franchise was properly revived with Netflix’s Cobra Kai Series, which recently received a trailer for Season 5, fans and viewers just can’t forget the compelling appeal of the original films—Isn’t it just too incredible?

Cobra Kai Season 6
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Is Cobra Kai worth watching?

By focusing on one of the original movies, bad guys, and the fallout from the franchise’s climactic moment., this oh-so-poignant and gripping drama is a surprisingly must watch and it’s all worth your time. 

You know the main reason we love the Cobra Kai Series is that all involved had a real vision for why they wanted to revisit The Karate Kid more than three decades later!  

Ever imagined why it’s called Cobra Kai?

Instead, it’s taken the name from Johnny’s karate dojo in the first film!

So what’s all the hype about Cobra Kai Season 6?

Cobra Kai Season 6
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A recent social media post from Cobra Kai show creator Jon Hurwitz recommends that Season 6 would be coming. It’s any way that has shook the world by storm since 2018, with the highest fanbase on Netflix and YouTube. 

He has said to reply to the number of posts regarding Cobra Kai Season 6! He also said that the creative team behind the show would want at least six seasons to conclude Cobra Kai. He also suggested the Miyagi Verse was “far from finished”. However, Netflix’s green light is still left!

What is Cobra Kai Season 6 story?

This season could bring back Mike Barnes, who served as Daniel LaRusso’s main enemy in Karate Kid III. We might also expect the return of Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce, the protagonist of The Next Karate Kid, and Mr. Miyagi’s second prize student after Daniel. FYI, now let’s just hold on to our seats as Cobra Kai Season 5 is just a month away from being released!


Despite the official date of Cobra Kai 6 hasn’t been announced, thus it’s no longer important to expect the spoiler anytime. 

Let’s just say, we are ready to watch and listen to any new update on Cobra Kai Season 6! Looks like, with all the seasons, this one is also going to be adventurous and a power-packed one! Stay tuned, peeps!

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