Celine Dion Health Update – Everything We Know About Stiff-Person Syndrome 

Celine Dion Health

Popular star, Celine Dion has even been diagnosed with an incurable health condition. She has postponed her tour due to this health issue. If you are a Celine Dion fan, craving to know what happened to your favorite star, this article is for you. Here is the complete Celine Dion health update.  Celine Dion Diagnosed … Read more

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date Revealed? Will There Be A Season 2?

Wednesday season 2

One of the most eagerly awaited Netflix programs of 2022 was Wednesday. Aided by the involvement of Tim Burton, who made his television directorial debut on Wednesday. Burton served as both a producer and a director for the project.  Not to mention how thrilled the audience was when Jenna Ortega’s classic Wednesday Addams outfit was … Read more

What Happened To The Original Gotei 13?

what happened to the Original Gotei 13

Manga creator Tite Kubo debuted a new colored double-spread picture of the original Gotei 13 captains in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump #51 in anticipation of Bleach TYBW’s anticipated appearance of the First Generation Gotei 13 Court Guards in the forthcoming episode.  Bleach by Tite Kubo originally ended its serialization on August 22, 2016. However, the … Read more

One Piece 1067 Spoilers Twitter: Vegapunk’s Brain Was Not So Big!! 

One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter

On Wednesday, November 16, One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter popped out, adding some unexpected clarifications and developments to earlier teasers. While the initial spoilers gave readers a solid indication of what to expect, the complete summary spoilers had the added advantage of providing transcripts of every dialogue exchange.  One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter imply that … Read more

When Is Mickey Mouse Birthday? Here Are Some Crazy Facts!!

Mickey Mouse Birthday

On November 18, 1928, he was born. Walt Disney debuted Mickey in Steamboat Willie, which was a box-office success. The movie had its premiere there.  So, when is Mickey Mouse‘s birthday? Here is all we know.  When is Mickey Mouse birthday?  Oswald is an adorable mouse who was originally a rabbit, and November 18, Mickey … Read more

Where To Watch Wakanda Forever For Free Online? Platforms Revealed?

where to watch wakanda forever for free

Every Marvel & T’ Challa fan has been waiting to see the sequel since the first movie came out three years ago.  If you are one of them, you might be interested in finding out how to watch Wakanda Forever for free online and when Black Panther 2 will be available to stream on OTT. … Read more

Harrison Ford Helen Mirren Yellowstone 1923 First Look Will Make You Swoon!! 

harrison ford helen mirren yellowstone

A first look at “1923,” the upcoming limited series spinoff of “Yellowstone” starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as the Dutton family’s patriarch Jacob and head Cara, has been released by Paramount+.  The trailer’s narrator claims that violence has “always haunted this family.” “It came after us. And when it doesn’t, we go looking for … Read more

Top 3 Most Powerful Devil Fruits In One Piece

Most Powerful Devil Fruits

Hello, One Piece!!! With the absolute power these fruits hold, the people having these most powerful devil fruits are the strongest! The abilities of these devil fruits are immensely overpowered. The One Piece world has some scarce Devil Fruits, which grant extreme level power to the ones who eat them in exchange for their ability … Read more

Marvel What If Season 2 release date is out: Here is everything you need to know!

Marvel What If Season 2 release date

As we all know, What if? It is an animated series launched by Marvel, currently streaming on Hot-star.  The series contains information on the possibilities that can happen in the multiverse.  In simple words, the series includes the chances of the events that no one had to imagine, as we all know that the multiverse … Read more