Will 1899 Have A Season 2? Netflix Dropped Big Update!! 

Will 1899 Have A Season 2

Netflix is continuing its rampage of creating insane series. Every month it’s adding new exclusive shows to its library of rich content. So, with the new blockbuster series, 1899 coming out, the fans are craving more. So, will 1899 have a season 2? Here is all we know.  1899 Is One Of Netflix’s Biggest Creations … Read more

Is There Gonna Be A Season 5 Of Manifest?

Is There Gonna Be A Season 5 Of Manifest

On November 4, 2022, the first episode of Manifest season 4 began streaming on Netflix and it created insane buzz. So, given the show’s history, fans are already worried about its future. If you’ve seen the first episode of Manifest season 4, you already know how perplexed the audience is. Fans have been wondering if … Read more

How Many Seasons Of The Crown Will Be There? Will There Be Season 6?

IMG 20221110 WA0005

Season 5 of The Crown has just been released on Netflix, moreover, production is already underway for season 6, which has officially been announced. Viewers were shocked by the news because they had been informed that season 5 would be the show’s final installment. But the good news his Netflix has more. So, how many … Read more

What is Queen Syndrome? The Crown’s Queen Victoria Syndrome Explained!!

IMG 20221110 WA0004

By this point, you’ve probably watched a good number of episodes of The Crown season five. The most recent season of the famous royal drama is jam-packed with controversial plotlines, including Princess Diana’s infamous BBC Panorama interview and the then-Prince Charles telling Camilla Parker Bowles that he wanted to “live inside” her pants. A Sunday … Read more

Why Did Ty Leave Heartland?

Why Did Ty Leave Heartland

Heartland Season 14’s premiere offered a startling surprise to all of us. It revealed that Ty Borden’s actor Graham Wardle won’t appear in any future show episodes. But, why did Ty leave Heartland? Here is the complete matter revealed!!  Why Did Ty Leave Heartland? Graham Wardle decided to quit Heartland to pursue other interests. After … Read more

When Does Season 3 Of Euphoria Come Out?

When Does Season 3 Of Euphoria Come Out

When Does Season 3 Of Euphoria Come Out? When Euphoria’s second season finished in early 2022, we yearned for more of the exhilarating TV show. As Zendaya guides a band of dysfunctional, destructive kids through the ups and downs of adolescence in this elite drama series, Euphoria High’s chaotic world has us completely hooked. Throughout … Read more

You Season 4 Is Not Coming This Year On Netflix!! New Release Date Out? 

You Season 4

On October 13, 2021, a day before the third season of the American psychological thriller television series You was set to broadcast, Netflix ordered the fourth season. Since then, the fans have been waiting for You Season 4.  The season will be split into two parts, with Part 1 officially launching on Netflix in February … Read more

Is Cavill Leaving The Witcher? What Went Wrong – Superman Duties Or Show Issues? 

Is Cavill Leaving The Witcher

Last Saturday, every the Witcher & Henry Cavill fan got the biggest shock of their lives. Netflix announced that the fan-favorite star, Henry Cavill will not be part of the Witcher after season 3. But what actually went wrong? The actor was picked up to be a part of the show till season 7, So, … Read more

Netflix Releases October 2022: What To Watch Now? 

Netflix Releases October 2022

As we approach the last weekend of October before Halloween, it is especially exciting to see a new horror movie join the Netflix Top 10, specifically among the top movies on its trending page.  Along with the most popular and top-notch Netflix releases October 2022 movies & shows, two new additions are spooky, and another … Read more