Amber Heard In Aquaman 2: Creators Revealed A Big Recasting Update!! 

Amber Heard In Aquaman 2

Hello DC Fans!! As we all know that many rumors were spread that due to some abuse allegations & lack of chemistry between Momoa & Amber Heard, we will not see Amber Heard in Aquaman 2. Walter Hamada, DC Films’ chief, briefly considered recasting Heard’s role in the sequel.  But in the recent interviews, Hamada … Read more

Meet The New Harley Quinn From Joker 2 – Lady Gaga!! 

Lady Gaga

A few days back, an update was dropped on social media, which stunned the audience. The announcement was that Director Todd Phillips is developing a screenplay for the Joker sequel alongside co-writer Scott Silver.  According to a source, Joker 2 may be a unique journey and would feature Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.  So, is … Read more

Will There Be Justice League 2? Creators Dropped Big Update!! 

Will There Be Justice League 2

Will there be Justice League 2? This is one of the trending questions across all DC forums. So, are there any updates? Here is all we know. While a Justice League 2 still hasn’t been confirmed, it’s not impossible to imagine the DC team getting a second chance at bringing together their biggest heroes on-screen.  … Read more

 Joker 2 Release Date Is Out!! Director Reveals A Big Update!!

 Joker 2 Release Date

Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix is set to make his return in his sequel “The Joker 2”. So, so fans get ready to witness the darkness of the DC Universe with Joker. Read the complete article to know the potential Joker 2 release date, cast, and more details.  Joker Is More Than Just A Movie!!  The … Read more

James Gunn Provides A Shocking Update On Peacemaker Spinoff With Amanda Waller!! 

Peacemaker Spinoff

With Peacemaker garnering mixed reviews, the creators are planning to extend the DC universe. James Gunn has revealed some shocking updates on the Peacemaker spinoff series. So, here is all we know.  The peacemaker does not seem to be a successful venture of DC. James Gunn has pushed us to care about the intentions of … Read more

Dwayne Johnson Revealed Black Adam Trailer Release Date With Some Exclusive Updates

Black Adam Trailer Release Date

One of the most awaited movies of DCEU “Black Adam”, starring Dwayne Johnson, has revealed the Black Adam trailer release date.  A spinoff of another DCEU film “Shazam” and the latest movie in the franchise will showcase Dwayne Johnson as an anti-hero.  Alongside the famous characters of DC like Cyclone, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate, … Read more

5 Marvel Characters Ripped Off From The DC Comics!! We Bet This List Will Shock You!! 

Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters When it comes to top franchises which have lifted the superhero game to a new level, Marvel and DC stand out as the two pillars. While both the franchises have a bunch of super-popular characters who have simply hypnotized the fans, in several instances we have seen them blatantly ripping off each other.  … Read more

Ironman Vs Batman – Who Will Win In A Fair Fight? 

Ironman Vs Batman

Ironman vs Batman – who is more powerful? Who will win in a fight? Here is all we know. Batman and Ironman are the perfect examples of what can happen if money and intelligence meet technology. Both are the most iconic superheroes who got the hearts of millions of fans.  Though they are incredibly popular, … Read more