Who Played Bane In Batman? 

Who Played Bane In Batman

One of Batman’s most infamous foes, Bane first appeared in the pages of Vengeance of Bane issue #1 back in 1993.  The bulky bad guy is not just a formidable opponent with a sharp mind and overwhelming power, but also a skilled tactician.  In the Knightfall narrative, he coordinated a continuous assault on the Dark … Read more

Black Adam Secretly Sets Up The Stage For These 5 DCEU Movies

DCEU Movies

Black Adam’s release marks the beginning of the DCEU’s next stage. Following Black Adam’s arrival in theaters, this list contains every DC movie that has been officially confirmed to be coming soon, while some are highly anticipated.  DC’s Black Adam has been in development for many years and is now available. It was the star … Read more

Warner Bros. Is Ready To Cancel These Projects After Batgirl

Warner Bros

After Batgirl, more DC projects are on the list of cancellation. Want to know which movies and shows are next? Read on… The recent merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, which brought the two major corporations under one roof and left them with many financial issues to resolve, has caused the media landscape to remain … Read more

Does Black Adam Have A Post Credit Scene? Is Man Of Steel 2 Loading?

Does Black Adam Have A Post Credit Scene

Finally, the savior of Kahndaq is here. Yes!! DCEU has introduced someone with similar power levels to Superman and he is none other than Black Adam. While in today’s time, superhero movies are fantastic and keep the fans hyped up, something that excites them more is the post-credits scenes.  So, with the release of Black … Read more

Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes: You Will Not Watch After Checking This Rating!! 

Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes

After the latest DC Extended Universe picture, Black Adam, launched with a bad score on the Tomatometer, DC fans are voicing their opinions on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.  Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes rating is really awful for a movie coming from such a big franchise.  On Rotten Tomatoes, Black Adam has a 53 … Read more

Black Adam Post Credit Scene Explained: Why Is Superman Back? His DCEU Future Explained!! 

Black Adam Post Credit Scene

If you’re a fan of superhero movies, you’re probably aware of the importance of end-credit scenes in these flicks.  A significant storyline detail can also be found in Dwayne Johnson’s film Black Adam post credit scene.  What fans have been waiting for since the beginning is finally here. The DC Extended Universe has already teased … Read more

Heartbreaking News About Young Justice Season 5!! Series Canceled? 

Young Justice Season 5

Hola FamBam, How have you been, our lovely audience? Did you love our last article? Yes, see, we knew it. Didn’t we tell you how much we love bringing trending news to all of you? Because we love you all so much, and today it’s all about Young Justice Season 5, which is grabbing all … Read more

The Batman 2 – Why There Is Still No Announcement???

The Batman 2

Hola fans!!! It’s high time we get an official announcement for The Batman 2, but DC and Warner Bros. don’t seem to be in a mood to do the needful anytime soon!! Why expect The Batman 2? Matt Reeves’ The Batman” was much loved and critically acclaimed by fans all over the world!! It was … Read more