New Ghost Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Greavard Brings Some Explosive Powers 

New Ghost Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

With the players craving more and more powerful pokemon, the company has finally unveiled a new ghost pokemon scarlet and violet character. Want to know more about this new pokemon ghost dog? Read on…  New Ghost Pokemon Scarlet And Violet  Pokemon has introduced a new ghost dog pokemon named Greavard. With a height of 0.6 … Read more

What Happened To Cartoon Network? Will It Shut Down In 2023? 

What Happened To Cartoon Network 2022

Children who grew up in the 1990s hold a special place in their hearts for Cartoon Network, and there have been rumors that Cartoon Network will be discontinued permanently.  This news is trending on the Internet. The most popular search now is “What happened to Cartoon Network?” So, here is all we know so far.  … Read more

 Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks: Let’s Predict The New Transformations Coming In!! 

 Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Hola Pokémon Lovers,  Keep aside your work, get a cup of cappuccino, dress up in your comfiest pajamas and ah wear them on your quilts and then read what we have to share with you today because we know you want to be the first one to read about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s new trailer: … Read more

Top 5 Ugliest Pokemons Of All Time – Here Is The List 

Ugliest Pokemon

Pokemon are usually super cute and insanely powerful. But there are a bunch of Pokemon who looks nasty. So, which are the ugliest Pokemon of all time? Here is the list of the top 5.  As a Pokemon fan, you may love to see cute super-powered creatures like Pikachu and more. However, there are tons … Read more

Ben 10 Alien List – Which Is The Strongest Ben 10 Alien? 

Ben 10 Alien List

Wondering to get Ben 10 alien list? Read this article to know who is the strongest Ben 10 alien. With it comes to a super popular anime show that ruled over the television for decades, one name that strikes every fan’s mind is Ben 10.  Delivering a bunch of insane series and movies, the franchise … Read more

Ben 10 Series Order To Watch – Know The Correct Chronological Order

Ben 10 Series Order To Watch

Ben 10 Series Order To Watch  Ben Tennyson, a little boy who receives the Omnitrix, is the protagonist of the story. It is an extraterrestrial device that resembles a watch and holds the DNA of numerous alien races. Ben can turn into strong aliens with a variety of skills with the Omnitrix. The Omnitrix comes … Read more