5 Things You Need To Know About Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88

Dragon Ball Super chapter 88

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 marks the start of a brand-new superhero arc. The chapter “Super Hero Arc,” will begin by telling the stories of Goten and Trunks, the sons of Goku and Vegeta, respectively.  Before the fight starts, viewers will learn about the past of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, as well as Piccolo … Read more

My Hero Academia Season 6 Return Date Revealed!! It’s Coming Back In 2023

My Hero Academia Season 6 return date

My Hero Academia, one of the modern era’s most popular anime franchises, is in its sixth season. MHA has already released more than one hundred episodes, not to mention movies and other media forms.  The manga is pretty long and will undoubtedly continue to grow, so there will be enough material for the anime to … Read more

Fans Are Dying To See These Dragon Ball Video Game Characters Enter Anime!! 

Dragon Ball Video Game Characters

The Dragon Ball franchise is enormous, and there are numerous anime programs and films, a tonne of manga, and, of course, a tonne of computer games.  Even though the games were clearly not as crucial to the series’ development as the anime and manga, they nonetheless left an impact on the franchise. Characters from the … Read more

Top 5 Dragon Ball What If Stories That Will Make You Crazy!!

Dragon Ball What If Stories

 The lore of the Dragon Ball series may not be the most significant or profound in all anime and manga, but it contains some of the most famous and beloved tales.  Although the series accomplishes many things that fans adore, there are still some things they would like to see it perform. The fascinating world … Read more

What If Raditz Survived In Dragon Ball? 

What If Raditz Survived

Dragon Ball Z had a wide variety of potent antagonists. Thus, it stands to reason that some of them would lose prominence as new memorable rivals emerged.  But Raditz, the franchise’s first villain, deserved much more attention than he ever received. Raditz may have been a far more important character to the Dragon Ball Z … Read more

These Dragon Ball Characters Can Easily Defeat Black Frieza

Dragon Ball Characters

With his new transformation, Frieza is now the universe’s strongest being. So, can any of the Dragon Ball characters defeat him?  Frieza escaped both the eradication of Planet Namek and was split in half by his energy disc.  Future Trunks then caused Frieza to die for the first time. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F, which … Read more

We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Dragon Ball Super Zeno 

Dragon Ball Super Zeno

The Dragon Ball series features a variety of overpowered characters. Aliens that demolish planets, galactic-destroying gods of destruction, and cosmological-shattering angels.  Then there is Dragon Ball Super Zeno, who turns all of these creatures into ants. Zeno, also known as the Omni-King and the supreme ruler of everything that has ever been, is, or will … Read more

How Powerful Are Zeno’s Guards?

How Powerful Are Zeno's Guards

Zeno, also known as the Omni-King, is a cute God with terrifying powers. However, this begs the issue of why such a powerful deity would require two guards for him. And from where do they originate?  In the Dragon Ball Super Multiverse, the guardians of the Omni-King are a mystery, and we currently know very … Read more

Top 5 Strongest Dragon Ball Fusions Ever

Strongest Dragon Ball Fusions

Characters in the Dragon Ball franchise are known for consistently giving their best to acquire more power, leading to some of the most significant power trips in shonen history.  Even merging oneself with another is a casual trope that frequently recurs in the series and is handled in a way that sometimes borders on hilarity.  … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Preview Reveals New Saiyamans!! 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Preview

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 preview is out now. This chapter will debut a new plot arc that will directly lead into the events of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.  In the sneak peek published on Dragon Ball’s official website, Goten and Trunks are introduced as the story’s new heroes, assuming the mantle … Read more