One Boruto Weapon That Is Far More Dangerous Than Naruto’s Original Sharingan!! 

Boruto Weapon

Sharingan is considered the most potent Jutsu, but one Boruto weapon has a power that makes Naruto’s Sharingan useless.  In episode 12 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Sasuke Uchiha teaches Boruto how to use the Sharingan. He then proceeds to use it to help Boruto understand how to use the technique.  At first, it seems … Read more

Boruto’s Transition Into A Romantic Manga Is Bad For Fans! Here’s Why? 


Although it appears Boruto has finally moved on from its predecessor, Naruto, the manga is becoming entirely different because of the abrupt and random changes in tone and pace. Recent developments in the plot have changed Boruto’s appearance and feel from that of a ninja-themed action shonen to that of a romance shojo. It seems … Read more

Naruto: Who Killed Hashirama Senju?

Who Killed Hashirama

When it comes to the most terrifying hokages from Naruto, one name that will always strike the minds of the fans of true fans is Hashirama Senju. But who killed Hashirama? Here is everything we know about his death.  Hashirama’s death has always been a mystery for the fans. If you were also wondering about … Read more

Haku Naruto Gender – Is Naku A Boy Or A Girl? 

Haku Naruto Gender

Haku is one of the most fascinating characters of Naruto. But one question that bothers the fans relates to Haku Naruto’s gender. So, is Naku a boy or a girl? Here is all we know.  As Naruto’s plot progressed, more and more now-famous characters were introduced. Haku, on the other hand, was a figure who … Read more

Insane Naruto Characters Who Look Awesome In Blonde 

Naruto Characters

Naruto is an anime with a bunch of fascinating characters. So, today Sassyshows is here the list of some super awesome Naruto characters who look fabulous in blonde.  So, here is the complete list –  Naruto Characters With Blonde  Naruto Uzumaki Naruto is one of the most popular anime series that has been made in … Read more

Boruto Episode 234 Out! Download & Watch The New Episode For Free Online

Boruto episode 234

Finally, the much-anticipated episode Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is here. So, if you are curious to know how to watch Boruto episode 234 online? Here is all we know about the latest episode.  Boruto episode 234 is out, and it’s trending across all the popular anime forums and social media. The fans have simply gone … Read more

Boruto Episode 234 Spoilers Out! Can Boruto Save The Hidden Mist Village From The Evils? 

Boruto Episode 234 Spoilers

All Naruto anime die-hard fans assemble as Sassyshows is here with Boruto Episode 234 spoilers and much more.  The last episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has fueled the hype among the fans for Boruto episode 234 release date and spoilers. With the dark clouds floating around the Land of Water, the fans are really … Read more

Naruto: All Hokages In Order – Who Is The Strongest Hokage? 

All Hokages In Order

If you are a Naruto fan craving to know who is the strongest Hokage in Naruto? you are at the right stop as here as all Hokages in order of their strength. In Naruto, the Hokage is a reverend title conferred upon Konohagakure’s most powerful and skillful shinobi. Konoha was the first shinobi village to … Read more

Itachi Vs Pain Who Would Win?

Itachi Vs. Pain Who would win?

Itachi Vs Pain Who Would Win? Fans want to know who would win if the strongest Akatsuki members fought each other in their prime. Itachi vs Pain is one of the hot topics in the Naruto universe, and fans want to know who would come out on top. Itachi and Pain shared mutual respect amongst … Read more

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki – 5 things you must know about him

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki - 5 things you must know about

Who is Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki? Hagoromo is the son of princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki herself. He is widely known as Sage of Six Paths in the naruto universe. Hagoromo also has a twin brother Hamura who died along the way, causing Hagoromo to activate his inner strengths. Hagoromo is considered a godlike figure and ancestor to all … Read more