Breaking News: Captain Marvel In Thor – Love and Thunder!! Marvel Revealed Shocking Updates!!

If 2021 was a gift for the Marvel fans, believe us the year 2022 will be a bunch of gifts. With several MCU projects including movies and series lined up, we will get to witness a collaboration of many of the Marvel characters. According to reports, we can expect Captain Marvel in Thor – Love and Thunder. 

Captain Marvel in Thor - Love and Thunder
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Currently, after Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, the most hyped Marvel movie in line is Thor: Love and Thunder. While social media is loaded with rumors on the upcoming movie, one rumor that peeks out is – Captain Marvel will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. 

So, is the news true? Or is it just a rumor? Here is everything you need to know about Captain Marvel in Thor – Love and Thunder. 

Captain Marvel In Thor – Love and Thunder

With the announcement of Thor’s next solo movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, the fans are clamoring to get some updates on the movie. So, today, Sassyshow is at your doors delivering you some crunchy updates on Thor: Love and Thunder. 

One of the most hyped things about the upcoming Marvel movie is its royal cast. The fans have simply gone crazy knowing that Thor: Love and Thunder’s cast may be even more massive than Spiderman: No Way Home. 

The new movie will be featuring a bag full of Marvel characters returning from the official Thor franchise. While the main characters will include Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the God of Thunder, Taika Waititi as Korg, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. 

The movie will also include some cameo roles to add a pinch of excitement to the plot and connect it to different other stories. Certain cameo roles which are not yet confirmed but rumors are floating around them are – Melissa McCarthy and Russell Crowe. 

However, among all the rumors surrounding the cameo roles, one rumor that is definitely turning to the doors of truth is Captain Marvel will appear in Thor – Love and Thunder. 

Captain Marvel’s Return

Captain Marvel in Thor - Love and Thunder
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The entry of Captain Marvel in the Avengers: Endgame was simply a blast for the fans. While the movie brought countless stunning moments, one thing that turned memorable was Thor and Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson’s introduction. We witnessed the two most powerful characters in the MCU, together. 

However, since then the fans have been dying to see them back on the screens, together. But finally, it seems the wishes of all the fans will be fulfilled as Captain Marvel will appear in Thor – Love and Thunder. 

Will There Be Carol Danvers Aka Captain Marvel In Thor: Love and Thunder?

Social media is stormed with several rumors highlighting Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in Thor – Love and Thunder. As per the leaks, she will be a part of the surprise cameo coming in the new Thor movie. 

Though nothing has been confirmed yet by the creators, we have solid evidence to quote that there will be Captain Marvel in Thor – Love and Thunder. 

Captain Marvel in Thor - Love and Thunder
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We have witnessed the brief interaction between Thor and Captain Marvel in the last few episodes of What If…? Season 1. However, the first season reveals a conflict that ignited in an alternate timeline between the two most powerful characters, Captain Marvel and extremely-reckless Thor.

So, the episode showcased the two Avengers joining hands to blow down the intentions of the God of Thunder on Earth. Moreover, with popular characters like Iron Man and Captain America out of the party, they are now the hopes of millions of people. 

Apart from that, the absence of Iron-Man or Steve has made the leader’s position vacant. So, considering the immense abilities of Captain Marvel, she will be the perfect pick for the position. Therefore, Captain Marvel’s appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder will set the platform for her entry to the Avengers team. Fingers crossed and let’s hope that the creators include Captain Marvel in Thor – Love and Thunder. 

Final Words 

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