Can Vegeta Go SSJ3? Dragon Ball Creator Reveals The Shocking Truth

We have seen Vegeta giving edge-on-edge competition to Goku. The Prince of Saiyans owns almost every form like Goku. However, one transformation, we have never seen Vegeta trying his hands is Super Saiyan 3. So, can Vegeta go SSJ3? Here is all we know. 

Can Vegeta Go SSJ3?
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When it comes to one of the most powerful Saiyans, Vegeta’s name comes at the top of the list. While the Earthlings were struggling to climb the ladder of power, Vegeta explored new abilities to reach the level of Goku. 

However, one thing that surprised the viewer\s is while a lower class Saiyan like Goku unlocked the Super Saiyan 3 form, Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyan has never showcased the form. So, can Vegeta go SSJ3? 

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Can Vegeta Go SSJ3?

Can Vegeta Go SSJ3
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Though Vegeta possesses an immense potential, in the current scenario, Vegeta cannot go Super Saiyan 3. The reason is pretty simple Vegeta has not yet trained in the other world, unlike Goku. 

Goku unlocked the Super Saiyan 3 form polishing his abilities and training under extreme conditions. While we have seen Vegeta too training hard, he probably avoided the SSJ3 transformation as it has its own issues. 

So, can Vegeta go SSJ3? Well, Vegeta is incredibly skilled. Therefore, with proper training, he can easily step into the form. However, the Prince of Saiyan has a high IQ which enabled him to sense the lacking of the Super Saiyan 3 form. 

Can Vegeta Go SSJ3

Though SSJ3 is a far more powerful form than SSJ2, it exhausts the energy levels of the user much more quickly. So, instead of unlocking a new form, Vegeta concentrated on polishing his SSJ2 form and enhancing its limits. 

So, what do you think, can Vegeta go SSJ3? Will we see him unlocking the form in the future? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. Vegeta can use the SSJ3 transformation if he wanted. Just like the ultra ssj form he used against cell it’s a waste of power. He even yelled at trunks about it in super when he used it to bait vegeta and pissed him off

  2. So if either Goku or Vegeta were to master super sayain 3 does that mean that ss3 would be a stronger form than being super Saiyan blue or even ultra instinct?

  3. The logic doesn’t work. He avoided the ultra muscular form because it’s slow. SS3 is not slow, in fact it’s the fastest form AND strongest up to that point. Any SS3 can crush his perfected SS2 form instantly. The gap between SS1 and SS2 is already huge as it is. It should be no less massive a gap between 2 and 3. Vegeta would get destroyed pretty quickly by any SS3 with already decent base power levels long before he can wear out the SS3 user.

    Pretty sure the real reason he never used it

  4. – pretty sure the real reason he never used it is because the series ended shortly after Goku got the form and vegeta was more important in the fusion form at that point. There was no benefit to him getting SS3.

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