Can True Ultra Instinct Goku Defeat Beerus?

Goku’s long-awaited awakening, the True Ultra Instinct, has finally been granted in the most recent chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga. 

While we haven’t seen this form’s full potential or its restrictions, it seems better and stronger than his prior Ultra Instinct state, and fans have already raised a significant query. 

Can True Ultra Instinct Goku defeat Beerus in combat?

The continuous battles in the manga have captivated Dragon Ball Super fans. Goku has finally been able to access the strongest state of Ultra Instinct as the Saiyans face off against Gas, the main foe from Granola the Survivor Saga. 

Dragon Ball Super features True Ultra Instinct Goku versus Beerus!! 

True Ultra Instinct Goku
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In Dragon Ball, Goku is the only mortal character who has ever entered the realm of angelic strength. 

The Gods of Destruction from all the universes, including Beerus, were astonished when he used the first stage of Ultra Instinct against Jiren in the Tournament of Power arc.

Beerus is still one of the most powerful beings in existence, despite the fact that Jiren was said to be greater than the God of Destruction in his realm. 

Of course, this does not include angels like Whis and others. Does that imply that Goku may now be able to destroy Beerus now that he has finally awakened the True Ultra Instinct’s powers?

Sadly, the response is no. But unlike in the past, when Beerus could easily defeat Saiyan opponents, Goku has now unquestionably matured into a formidable foe for God.

Is True Ultra Instinct Goku powerful enough to defeat Beerus?

True Ultra Instinct Goku
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Despite gaining his power-up, Goku’s new form has finally enabled him to reach a point where he could face off against the most formidable opponent in Dragon Ball.

The most recent manga chapter also displays incredible techniques that Goku has never before employed. 

Goku had to rely on his feelings as a Saiyan to increase his power levels. This made it challenging for him to learn the angels’ Ultra Instinct because he was unable to control his emotions and maintain a condition of total calmness. 

However, True Ultra Instinct Goku has finally given him a form that is exclusively his own and allows him to get through these restrictions. He may now use his emotions to their fullest potential while still maintaining his True Ultra Instincts’ entire range of abilities.

We wonder how far Goku came!!

True Ultra Instinct Goku

Unquestionably one of the most powerful Gods of Destruction in all universes, Beerus has not yet shown the full scope of his power. 

Goku undoubtedly has advanced since the moment he battled the God in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods while in his Super Saiyan God state.

Goku must first master all of True Ultra Instinct’s skills. However, overcoming Beerus remains impossible, and our protagonist will undoubtedly need to gain more strength to vanquish the God of Destruction. 

Will Goku win?

Goku has grown considerably stronger thanks to the True Ultra Instinct, but will he be able to battle Beerus, the God of Destruction, in this form? What do you think?

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