Bridgerton Star Confirms A Shocking Change In Bridgerton New Season!! 

Have you finished watching Bridgerton season 2 yet? And now you are here searching for updates regarding Bridgerton new season? It’s hard to blame you—the programme is fantastic. 

We can’t get enough of the Regency-era romance series, with its magnificent settings, sensual stories, and tales of intrigue. The good news is Netflix has already ordered seasons 3 and 4.

Bridgerton New Season

Bridgerton lovers, rejoice: the Netflix series is officially returning for a third season, and we already know who it’s about.

While Bridgerton has so far adopted a similar framework to the Julia Quinn romance novel series (Daphne’s narrative in season 1, Anthony’s story in season 2), that appears to be set to change.

An Offer from a Gentleman, the third book in the series, details the narrative of second son Benedict Bridgerton, while Bridgerton new season of the blockbuster drama will focus on Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton). Quinn’s fourth Bridgerton novel chronicled their courtship of the stories.

Bridgerton Season 3 premiere date rumors

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to confirm the release date for Bridgerton new season, but this author will update this page as soon as news becomes available.

While we know that Bridgerton will return for a third season, we don’t have much information regarding its release date.

Season 2 took little over a year to reach our screens after the programme initially appeared on Netflix, so season 3 should arrive in early 2023 — especially now that COVID limitations have been lifted nearly entirely.

While we don’t know when season 3 will premiere on Netflix, we know that it will return not just for season 3 but also for season 4.

Bridgerton New Season
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Bridgerton new season casting rumors

Bridgerton season 3 will feature the following fan-favorite cast members:

  • Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony Viscount Bridgerton.
  • Kathani “Kate” (née Sharma), Viscountess Bridgerton, is played by Simone Ashley.
  • Nicola Coughlan plays Penelope Featherington.
  • Colin Bridgerton is played by Luke Newton.
  • Hannah Dodd plays Francesca Bridgerton.

What will the third season of Bridgerton be about? 

After months of conjecture about who would take center stage in the third season, we now have an answer.

Season 3 would center on Benedict as its main character if the series followed the order of Julia Quinn’s novels, as fans are aware.

However, as previously said, the following third season will firmly place Penelope and Colin in the spotlight.

Bridgerton New Season
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Bridgeton new season shocking rumors!! 

Bridgerton new season will focus on Penelope and Colin’s narrative, which the programme has already touched on in seasons 1 and 2. Colin will undoubtedly find Penelope is Lady Whistledown after her friend Eloise made the shocking revelation in season 2.

Coughlan recently informed Netflix Tudum about what viewers may anticipate in season 3: “If you watch Penelope adoring this boy for another season, you’ll think to yourself, ‘Get it together!’ Move on and forget about it.’ 

In addition, the following season will likely reveal if the Featheringtons can recoup their financial situation after cousin Jack was exposed as a con artist.

Furthermore, as previously stated, Anthony and Kate are scheduled to reunite for the third installment, with Simone Ashley promising a more “heart strong” Kate. However, it remains to be seen how their relationship will play out.

So, fans, are you ready for Bridgerton new season? Make sure to follow us for interesting updates on season 3. 

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    • I love the Bridgerton Series, but am disappointed that they are skipping over Benedict”s story and going to Colin’s. It seems like a strange disruption in the timeline, especially since, in The 3rd book, Penelope & Colin are not together yet. How is that going to be explained in Benedict’s story?

    • I did not watch 2 either and wont watch 3 this show is just not intresting any more dont know why the Duke not returning again him and Daphne are part of family all they could say bout 2 was it wazsnt his turn any more so it wouldn’t make sense for him to in it Its not Anthony and Kate turn any more but I see they are returning. Make it make sense

    • I love y’all so much for brigeton, it really pulls the heart strings..I’m broken 💔 because re’ge jean page has abandoned us.. I’ve watched brigeton at least 15 times. Season 1… season 2 about 8 what ever you decide to do in season 3 and 4 I know it will be great! However plz don’t stop there..more…more…and more…plz ask re’ge to show up somewhere in one of these seasons…plz..

  1. I’m not so happy to have Penelope and Colin’s story because neither of those characters give me glee. I was SO looking forward to Benedict’s story. So I’m glad that Anthony and Kate will be there because it’s gonna be hard for me to watch otherwise.


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