Bridgerton Season 2: Where Is Francesca Bridgerton?

While the Bridgerton Season 2 sneak peeks made it clear that the new season will revolve around The Duke of Hastings, the fans were disappointed at the absence of Francessa. So, where is Francesca Bridgerton? Here is everything we know so far. 

Where Is Francesca
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The first season of Bridgerton left the fans stunned with their insane performances. However, in the new season, a bunch of new cast members stole the spotlight. While Anthony Bridgerton tapped into the lead role, the fans were wondering where the sixth sibling is. 

Really, Francesca is nowhere in the second season. So, where is Francesca Bridgerton actually? 

Where Is Francesca Bridgerton In Season 2?

Where Is Francesca
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Well, if you are missing the character tune into the first three episodes of Bridgerton Season 2. Francesca appeared in the first three installments. However, episode 3 was the last time we saw her. 

When the creators were questioned about the short screen time of Francesca, they said, “I love Francesca, but we lost her midway through season two… After exhausting all the options, she, unfortunately, had to come out due to several reasons beyond our control. Perhaps season three will be the charm.” 

Will Francesca Bridgerton Be The Main Character In Season 3? 

Where Is Francesca

If we go with the book series that shadows Netflix’s Bridgerton, Francesca Bridgerton will be taking the center stage in the sixth chapter of the series. Till then we need to wait and hope that the creators come up with something out-of-the-box. 

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  1. I absolutely loved season one I’m still watching it the Duke of Hastings & Daphne oh my goodness the chemistry was mind blowing I’m 50- ish and I’ve never seen two actors love story as passionate as the season one episode ❤️❤️


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