Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix: Top 3 Shocking Things Only Adults Noticed

Have you binged-watched all the episodes of Bridgerton Season 2? If your answer is a yes, we bet you have not yet noticed these things in the series. Make sure to read the complete article to know some shocking hidden details you may have missed out on in Bridgerton Season 2. 

While Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix has racked up a bunch of criticism for not being as steamy as Season 1, that does not define that the new series is not fun. In fact, Season 2 has turned out to be one of the biggest hits on Netflix. 

Cutting off all the extra intimate scenes and baseless dramas, Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix has hypnotized the fans with its jaw-dropping story and incredible characters. However, there were a lot of hidden things that only the true fans noticed. 

So, Sassyshows is here with the list of top 3 shocking things that only adults noticed in Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix. 

Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix: 3 Hidden Details Only The True Fans Noticed 

3) Meaning Of Symbolic Bee 

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If you have watched Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix, you must have seen a bee multiple times on your screen. So, what is the actual meaning of a symbolic bee?

Bridgerton Season 2 is no doubt loaded with a lot of references and hidden symbols. However, one of the most noticeable symbols in the complete series is the Bee. We can even find a bee on Benedict’s collar and Eloise’s hair accessories. So, what is the connection between Bees and the series? 

The first time we saw a Bee appearing near Bridgerton’s house door was when Lady Whistledown revealed about the Widowed Countess. It sheds light on the way he died as he was stung by a bee. 

In the end, we even saw the same bee we found in the season 1 finale on the roses decorated near the married couple’s carriage. On the other hand, we can also say that the Bee is a symbol of how Anthony deals with all the pains of his life. At the end of the season, we again see the bee, which most probably resembles Anthony’s process of recovery. 

2) Kate & Anthony Are More Alike Than You Think 

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Anthony’s first impression on Kate was really awful as Kate did not like the way Anthony discussed marriage as a business deal among his friends. She tried to stop their own marriage as it seemed that both the characters are opposite poles. However, if you look at the series more carefully, you will definitely see how alike Kate and Anthony are. 

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The first common thing that connects Kate and Anthony’s characters is they both are extremely stubborn and wild as they are ever ready to compete with anyone, while both of them can do anything and everything to protect their families. 

In an interview, the Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix producer also revealed that Kate and Anthony are mirrors of each other’s characters. Have you noticed more similarities between Kate and Anthony? If yes, we will love to see your beautiful comments. 

1) Secret Themes Of Every Ball 

Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix

Considering that Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix is set in the 1800s, we all know how important balls were at that time. But have you noticed that every ball carries a unique theme with it? 

Chris Van Dusen, the show’s creator, revealed in an interview that he instructed the creative crew for each and every ball. Every ball comes with its own themes, makeup, costumes, hairstyle, and choreography. 

Moreover, Hughes Jones the production designer revealed that all sets had to be in harmony with all the dresses worn by the main protagonists and the background also resembled the makeup and appearances of the characters. 

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