Bridgerton Season 2 Fans Showered Their Complaints On Social Media! 

Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton season 2 got fans disappointed over their final episode. The fans were upset at the point where it finally protracted Kate and Anthony’s wedding.

Even though season 2 of Bridgerton has been a whistle-stop of emotions, the last episode may have left fans with little disappointment. 

As per the fan complaints, the show makers increased their potential over Kate and Anthony’s wedding which was shown in the last few scenes of the show’s last episode.

Viewers found a particular lack of potentiality in Kate and Anthony’s wedding subject which has ignited a bit of criticism for the show. 

Bridgerton Season 2 Last Episode Sneak Peek 

In the final episode, the climax sequence was drawn by  Kate and  Anthony’s wedding.  

The ending scene ignited the romantic tension between Kate and Anthony.  However,   the wedding was called of between  Anthony and  Edwina Sharma (Kate’s sister ).  

Bridgerton Season

The seventh episode also covered Kate and  Anthony’s first s*x scene which arose more tension among the fans. It also included Kanthony’s dancing scene at the Heatherington ball.

Apart from their sweetest and all lovey-dovey moments, the fans found the ending a bit rushed off.

Here are some of the tweets that have been posted from viewers’ points.

One viewer simply tweeted “I Don’t like the ending. I want their wedding”

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Another fan tweeted that ” Yes Kanthony confessed but there was no proposal! No putting Violet’s ring on Kate’s finger, no reaction of the Bridgertons/Sharmas to their engagement, no wedding or honeymoon… there was so much missed potential.”.

Bridgerton Season

It was a bit rushed at the end and they could have made another episode for their wedding. It was made a bit off guard and lacked in potential.

So these were some of the complaints that have been tweeted from the series’ viewers over the ending of Bridgerton season 2.

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