Better Call Saul Reveals A Shocking Breaking Bad Character Mystery!! 

Better Call Saul unveiled one of the biggest mysteries about a Breaking Bad character. Here is all we know so far.

Thanks to Better Call Saul, Jimmy has just made a crucial Breaking Bad character link. While the last season of Better Call Saul is near the halfway mark, “Jimmy McGill” is frantically trying to keep his head above water as “Saul Goodman” takes hold. 

Each illegal Breaking Bad friend formed in the prologue puts the breathless Jimmy closer to his future self, from Mike Ehrmantraut in season 1 to Spooge in season 6.

Must resolve the ultimate deception Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler perpetrated before the Breaking Bad period can begin. The climax phase of Better Call Saul season 6 hasn’t yet played out. Still, it’s a conspiracy to shame Howard Hamlin and resolve the continuing Sandpiper lawsuit so everyone receives the money they’re due.

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The attorneys came in search of narcotics but left with something far more valuable: the sweet gift of knowledge. Caldera announces that he’s ready to retire (from crime, not doggo rescue) and is selling his black book of connections. Caldera writes every line in code, so looking through the book is pointless, but a solitary, plain business card captures Jimmy and Kim’s attention.

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Better Call Saul Reveals A Big Breaking Bad Characters’ Mystery!!

In Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman is the character who introduces Ed Galbraith. The two have collaborated multiple times, and Saul is well-versed in the vacuum salesman’s methods. However, because the two never met in Better Call Saul, the genesis of their friendship is unknown. Unfortunately, Robert Forster died in 2019, so that’s not an interaction we’ll ever see onscreen, but the business card suggests Saul and Ed met through Dr. Caldera’s little black book.

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As the program moves closer to the Breaking Bad timeframe, it resolves specific unanswered questions from its parent series. Although in very subtle ways. 

Some of the show’s best moments have come from an attempt to connect to elements that were only alluded to in Breaking Bad; most notably, perhaps two of the best TV characters in recent years.

More specifically, recall Walt approaching Gus Fring’s house with a pistol in season four of Breaking Bad, only to receive a phone call from Tyrus, the enforcer telling him to “go home.”

Is Walt being watched? 

Gus’ quaint house in the suburbs is anything but quaint – it’s an intricate decoy; he has an underground facility that helps connect to the house next door where he lives with a team of armed goons and a casino’s worth of surveillance equipment, as we’ve seen in the past two occurrences of Better Call Saul. 

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This announcement makes perfect sense given the present scenario (Gus is expecting Lalo to attack at any minute). Still, it also serves as a belated solution for a mystery you probably just forgot about more than ten years ago. On the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast. 

Producer Vince Gilligan stated that the writers “had no clue how Gus knew” about Walt at first but merely wanted it to feel like he had “eyes in the back of his skull,” adding that this current development “explains that fairly well.” What else would you expect from a team of writers that bent over themselves to fill a story hole involving pizza?

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